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Mary - February 24

I took a ovulate test that I said I ovulated about the 14 or 15th of this month but I did not notice any egg whit cerical mucus does that mean I am not ovulating I just wanted to know if anyone see the egg whites?


?? - February 24

Good question....


Stacey - February 24

I have had them before...From the book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility..."The final and most fertile cervical fluid resembles raw eggwhite. It's extremely slippery and can stretch from 1-10 inches. It's usually clear or partially streaked but it can be yellow-pink, or red-tinged. It could also be very watery. The critical determinant of this quality cervial fluid is the extremely wet and lubricative v____al sensation you usually feel. It may even leave a fairly symetrical, round pattern of fluid on your underwear due to it's high water content (woman in their 20's may have as many as 4-5 days of eggwhite, but by their mid-30's most will only have a day or 2.." Hope any of this any helped...


mulgajill - February 24

well... i think it varies... i have been pregnant a few times (two kids, three m/c) and have never noticed the egg-white mucus.... only sign around ovulation time is that it is slightly easier "to slip it in" when the s_x thing happens.... so i wouldn't worry about it...


claire - February 25

Hi, I've wondered this too. A couple of months I have noticed egg white cm but a couple of months I haven't. I think that's why it has been taking us a while ttc as I never knew when I was ovulating - just guessing! Anyway, last month I used an opk and when it was positive, I still didn't get any egg white. A positive opk would mean that you are ovulating. The cm is needed to carry the sperm adequately to the egg. I think that although I don't have egg white, I'm not dry so there is some cm to help the little swimmers along!! Good luck - i hope i've helped?!



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