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KMo311 - April 24

This question is for anyone who checks their cervix position and mucus. Do you know what your cervical mucus looks like when you concieve? I should have been way passed my fertle time and i got a large abount of the "egg white" this morning (sorry that was gross). 2 days ago i thought my cervis was getting really hard and low then less than a day it returned to Very high and soft. I don't know what to think i do know i normally have very shot period usually like two weeks apart. when sould i test i don't know if i missed a period or not i and really irregular?


KMo311 - April 24

i know my question is alittle gross but any advice from anyone who keeps track of this. I know i can just look it up on the internet but i was really looking for a woman with experiance not text book advice.


Becca - April 24

I am not a regular cp checker, but I do check it on occcasion. I know that during O, my cp is higher and then goes much lower after O. I know that it yo-yo's for some people, so I don't really think it is a reliable way to check for fertility or pregnancy because it is different for everyone. If you have AF every 2 weeks, that is not normal, and you may have a hard time getting pg. I would suggest seeing your dr about that.


lucy206 - April 24

Hi - I haven't had AF - and when she was supposed to come, I started to get a mucus discharge - and have had it ever since. Doesn't itch or smell - but sometimes I have to wear a light pad. I've taken 3 tests - all neg! I am going to the doctors in a week. Has anyone had a discharge like this?


Emma2 - April 25

KMo311, did i read correctly you have your period every 2 weeks?


KMo311 - April 25

yes i do get my period very often. I am on a progestaron pill . i am not allowed to take a regular pill. This kind of all started last year around August. it always has been really good, then i don't know what happened and it all changed. 95% of the time it is very light and short. I have already been to the docs. I once thought i was pregnant, but that turned out to just be in my head. otherwise i would be about 6 or 7 months pregnant right now. I have two other children so i know what i would feel like by now. Anyways, i never really got a true answer from my doc. he said i must have a cyst and left it at that. i have now gone 24 days since my last period so you can see how i think this is a long time.For my other two children, they happened so quickly by surprise so i never had to play the waiting game. they are 14 months apart. so as far as the checking thing i am new. i will say that i checked myself today and for the firt time my uterus felt hard. i know everyone talks about how their cervix feel but this is the first time i have ever noticed that my uterus felt different. usually it feel like a soft balloon. well thats only half my story but it gives you a bit of where i am coming from. Lastly i know it is hard to get pregnant if you hve very short cycles, but i just found out my sister is 7 weeks pregnant and she doesn't get her period at all. she has paid thousands of dollars on fertility treatemnts and she was told she would never have her own children. This baby came all on his/her own. so good luck to all miracles happen.


KMo311 - April 25

what is everyone opinion about Equate pregnancy test? how good/bad are they?


LN030905 - April 25

ive heard pretty good things about it!!! Ive also heard good thing about dollar store tests! Good luck!!


KMo311 - April 26

I have had cramping like my period is coming and it's not here. today i have a pulling feeling low in front on one side. how long after ovulation should i test? i did yesterday at day 10 and it said no.



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