Cervical Mucus Pregnancy

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Cherry - July 18

I am not sure when I ovulated(I was trying to track the cervical mucus as a guideline, but I must admit I couldn't tell which day would have been ovulation!). I had wet, creamy-lotiony cm from day 11 of my cycle(day 1 being considered the first day of my last period), on day 14 I had a pain in my side that I thought was caused by ovulation. On days 15, 16, and 17 I had some ewcm. On days 18 and 19(today) I still feel quite wet/somewhat 'gooey'. So I'm confused as to when I would have ovulated. If I ovulated and achieved pregnancy, would I get a lot of moisture and discharge? Oh, my cycle varies from 28-32 days(and occasionally as short as 25 or 27 days or as long as 35 days)...thanks for responding in advance!


Grandpa Viv - July 18

Chances are the pain on the 14th was ovulation. I hope bd was in the days leading up to and including that day. In principle, you should have no signs of pregnancy until implantation, which would be today at the earliest. Fatigue, more frequent peeing, digestive upsets, emotional are good signs to look for. A clear or creamy discharge "lotion", "wet down there" is also a sign. The creamy lotiony discharge you noticed prior to ovulation might have been a mixture of ewcm and s____n. Let's hope so, anyway. Good luck!


Cherry - July 18

Thank you! I suppose it's also possible that I haven't ovulated yet, or am today as I noticed more ewcm...it's hard to tell as I said my cycles tend to vary. I guess I'll just keep trying!


bump - July 18



Cherry - July 20

I am starting to get soreness in my b___sts, almost like an ache. Is that a good sign or is it most likely due to impending menstration? I would be due for my period in about a week.


Heather - July 20

Grandpa Viv, you mention signs of pregnancy begining on the day of implementation, have you heard of fetigue and quesinedd beginning as early as the day of implementation?


katina - August 10

ok, this is the right topic for me. I had cramps in my low abs. After I ovulated, til about the time of implantion, and after I had this creamy discharge was a lot! now is gone. I am not so crampy now. But when I was crampy my back was aching. I am not due to start until about the 17th. I am not reg on cycles. PCOS, we had all the signs last time, ! even as much as pink discharge during implantaion, I think we miscarried I didn't get the pink this time But around implantaion I had the back cramps, I normally get those when I have started! and I am not sue to start until the 17ish. I am taking it easy this month if I am I am if not =( better luck next time. My best friend maybe too..?? she is having this brownish discharge. uhm that'd be nice!



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