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Nichola-Jane - March 4

Hello. Im having trouble working out how to feel my cervix. I'm 9/10 dpo today, and i'm trying to work out whether my cp is high or low, hard or soft. I have put my finger inside (sorry for tmi) and I seem to be able to feel something pretty low (literally an inch or or so up, and i'm pretty sure its soft, but I can get my finger around it, so could it be that what im feeling isnt actually my cervix, and that its higher up?? Please help if you can. Baby dust to you all xx


jessieb - March 4

it is weird at first, you will be a pro at it in no time. the best info i found about what to feel for : either comparable to the tip of your nose or soft like your lips. nose vs. lips : ) the high or low you will get the more and more you check it. it comes down pretty low and sometiimes is out of reach too. you should feel it get higher and higher as you approach ovulation. don't forget to check and record the position at the same time everyday. i have noticed that it can change throughout the day. good luck!


Nichola-Jane - March 4

Thanks Jessie, but is it normal to be able to feel around the cervix? I can get my finger alot deeper? Sorry for tmi again.


krissy2006 - March 4

yes its normal and that means your cervical position is low or medium... if it is high you will only be able to feel the "face" of the cervix. when mine is slow I can nearly curl my finger around the entire thing "deeper" than what I can if it is high


sososleepy - March 4

Hi Nichola-Jane. I'm checking mine too, but I get dh to help because he can reach better. Try different positions, as in shower with foot up on wall, in bed sideways half sitting up.... It's easier to find after you O because it'll firm right up within a few days. When I started checking, it was before O, so it was more mushy and harder to be sure that was it except for the opening giving it away (2 kids a decade ago, ttc again now). On the 3rd day after I O'd, it was still soft in the am, but very different and harder in the evening (leaving me to wonder if I O'd when I think I did, but based on temps and cm I think so...). dh and I were shocked that it changed so much. I went the extra mile and bought a speculum so I could SEE. dh and I have done some serious gymnastics trying to focus the camera lol (digital... photos STAY home) so I can compare what it looks like over the month. Yes, you can feel around it and reach past it. We're mushy and flexible there for bd.... That's how the doc feels our uterus; he puts his fingers under it and presses on our belly so he can feel it between his hands.... Thanks for the rest of the info krissy; I'm still figuring it all out too.


Nichola-Jane - March 6

Many thanks everyone for your help. I do have one other query though - as I said before, I'm sure its my cervix literally as I put my finer inside (sorry for tmi), but when I go past it, about 3inches further, I come to something else, which is soft to touch - what is this?? Thanks again



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