Cervical Position In Early Pregnancy

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L - October 30

I have read a lot on cervical position and fertility prediction. Normally, before my period begins (I am 4 days away from that now), my cervix becomes very low and soft. This month, though, my cervix is so high I can't even reach it. Can this be an early pregnancy sign? My husband and I are trying, so I hope it is!


Viv - October 30

I thought Soft High Open Wet was ovulation and that it came back to low and hard before the period. It is dificult to find good information on what happens in the first couple of weeks after conception. I'm pretty sure it stays soft, surely it must close, and in one post I read it stayed high. Please please come back and give us your true scoop when you know for sure. Should you not be having at least some signs of early pregnancy by now, if you are indeed pregnant.


L - October 30

I had some early signs early this week - bloating gas, some waves of queasiness, but that has all subsided now. A friend of mine told me she didn't have ANY early signs (not even tender b___sts) when she was pg with her son. My cervix is not open or wet and I can't really tell whether it's soft or not, but it is definitely high compared to where it normally is when my period's about to start. I am going to take an early pg test tomorrow morning so I'll come back and let you know.


kisha - October 30

sorry about this question but when you say cervix is open and wet do that means that your ovalating.


Viv - October 31

Yes Kisha. The SHOW acronym is the clue for ovulation.


Nick - October 31

I should be ovulating now, but my cervix is soft and low. how can you tell if it is open?


lydia - October 31

nick I heard you can tell when its open and wet durning s_x if your wet.


lydia - October 31

i mean if it wet during s_x then you are open for ovalation


Viv - November 1

I eventually found a link that tells the cervix can be used for a pregnancy clue - it will be soft and high, but closed. The link will also help those confused about the whole topic. Copy it into your address bar. http://groups.msn.com/AllforMaybeBabyTryingToConcieve/cervicalposition.msnw


......... - November 1

the link dont work



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