Cervicle Position How To Tell If Open Or Closed

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ANSWERS? - February 14

Hey girls. I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some tips on telling whether or not my cervix is open or closed. Right now it is high and soft...but confused about telling if it is open or closed. Thanks so much and happy Valentines Day!


Elh83 - February 22

i would like to know that as well. im thinking it feels like a bump when closed, im not sure.


jeanette - February 22

Well, I'll do my best...but it depends on if you have had children before, most of the time. I have had three children so mine is kind of "fish mouth" feeling when its open and kind of a closed smile when its closed.....but my girlfiend who just had her first baby told me hers felt like an indentation or little hole when it was open and she felt nothing but smoothness when it was closed. But it can vary from woman to woman. Best thing is to feel it every day at the same time and note where you are in your cycle when you felt it a certain way. After a few cycles, you should get to know what it feels like and when.


Lin - February 22

I've never had kids, and for me it feels like a dimple when closed and, well, I don't know how to describe it other than as open when it's open. It takes awhile of monitoring it to really sort out the difference, though. If it's too high, you might not even be able to reach the opening anyway.


ANSWERS? - February 22

So here is an update for you and thanks for your info. Mine feels like a dimple too and I would guess closed? Anyway, like I said before December's af was late as well as January. Bad cramps in december and none in January (actually af came on the 2nd of Feb) and it was short...I didn't have soar b___b on either of those since coming off the pill in November (I always had soar b___bs before period with pill). Tonight my b___bs are pretty soar, cervix is still high and soft and closed, took a test on Monday and BFN. So now I am just waiting to see...is af going to be late or not and do soar b___bs mean maybe BFP instead of af this time??? Af should arrive (hopefully not ) at the end of the month around the 28th if it is on time this month. I sure hope I am BFP!! Lin-are you ttc for the first time? I misunderstood you in another post and thought you already had children. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from everyone!!


Lin - February 23

Yes, I am ttc #1. To be perfectly honest, I think you're best off not interpreting symptoms. It takes several months for your body to settle down into a regular pattern after stopping the pill. I went off the pill in October, and I still have different symptoms every month. Last month I was convinced for awhile there that I might be pregnant, since I had cramps for two straight weeks before AF, and I normally only get them the morning AF arrives. Nope, just more physical changes. I've had two triphasic charts (and this month is looking to be one, too), temp dips and this month spotting, but so far nothing (though I'm only 11 dpo). I've had a number of other symptoms, too. Good luck, and I certainly hope those symptoms mean something this month! I hope your next post is to report your bfp!!!


Lin - February 23

I just thought I'd add that there's really no point in interpreting cp at all. My second month ttc, my cervix was high, soft and closed all the way from ovulation to the day AF arrived, when it quickly dropped. Monitoring cp & cm is great before O, but it can be really misleading and upsetting afterward.


ANSWERS? - February 23

Thanks Lin. I have already quickly figured that out about the sign and symtoms things. It is just interesting to believe I guess. I have this last month just not really worried about it too much. Don't know if I bd at the correct time but oh well we have fun trying for a baby. It will happen when it is ready to happen. I just want it to happen soon because I plan on attending the nursing program next year and I want to have a baby before next year! Thanks and I will keep you posted. Another week or so to wait. Plus all the soar b___bs symtoms are gone today. Have a great day and good luck to you too!!


Lin - February 23

I'm right there with you. My AF is due on the 28th or 1st. For the last few months I've had some b___st tenderness before AF, but so far I've got none. No cramps yet either. I'm hoping that means something but not expecting much. I guess I'll know one way or the other if my cm dries up a few days before AF. I want it to happen soon, too, because I'd like to have enough time to wait a bit before having a second child. Good luck to you! Baby dust all around...



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