Cervix And Af Question

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Elh83 - May 31

hi ladies, my af was due 5/28. im usaully 38-40 day cycle. so in other words im late my cervix is high/soft but tightly closed (if af is on its way shouldnt it be hard and low?). ive been having tons of cm. i keep getting a gush like feeling as if its blood but when i go to the bathroom its just cm. My nipples are sore as heck. I get nausea every so often, mostly after i eat. Ive recently have been taken naps during the day even if i get a 8 hr nights rest. Im gonna wait til this weekend to test to make sure af doesnt show. any input would greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!! ~~~baby dust to all ~~~


linds99 - May 31

Hi Elh83, actually, you described all the symptoms of possible pregnancy. However, I personally get all those symptoms each month (36 day cycles) during my luteal phase and more and I am not pregnant. In my opinion, I also would not evaluate cervical position if you have not done it consistantly throughout your cycle as it really is different for every woman.In some women it doesn't return to high status until later in pregnancy too and some women it returns right away. The timing is different for everyone from what I read. Your cervix is supposed to be low and firm before AF though. However, my cervix returns to low position and soft the day of AF (like last Saturday the day I got my period.- I check mine everyday) Anyway, like I said everyone is different. Honestly, the only way to really know for sure if your symptoms are pregnancy related is to take a test...it would work now for you if you tried. Or, if you are temping and your temps stayed 18 days above the coverline post ovulation, that would be another indicator.


Emma2 - May 31

Your cervix is suppose to drop and get firm just prior or the day of AF. So you having it high and still soft means AF isnt coming. The CM , b___bs and fatigue are good indicators but they also are the same symptoms of PMS. I would def. take a test because if you are you will get your BFP now! Good Luck


Elh83 - May 31

thanks Linds99 and Emma2 for replying!!! i do check my cervix every day and its been this way for about 5 days now. my last normal af was april 17th and my cervix was just right b4 af (low and hard as with all my af's) I dont temp anymore ( i kept forgeting to). usually i get cramps a week before af and my whole b___b gets sore not just my nipples. tiredness is usually not a pms symptom for me. I bd 2 days b4 ovulation and the day of ovulation.


Emma2 - May 31

Well, you did the right thing! 2 days prior to suspected O has the highest conception rate! Good Luck!


MrsBurger - May 31

Hi Elh83 Last month I had high temps everyday my cervix dropped low and was hard and then went really high and was soft. I thought this is it this is my month then even with temps high I got AF. I try to ignore everything now my body loves playing tricks on me with all the symptoms. I hope for you though it brings a bfp!


animemom - June 1

Good luck to you...Your symptoms do sound like you could be pregnant.. I'm testing this weekend too


Lin - June 1

Your symptoms sound very good, but I personally wouldn't put any trust in cervical position and texture to indicate pregnancy. I've had just about every combination of those in the last 7 months. Mine gets softer as af nears, and I've had it stay high until the morning she arrives. That said, the sore nipples and excess cm are great signs. Good luck!


Elh83 - June 1

thanks for the inpuy ladies. i tested this morning a BFN. so im not gonna stress over this. i'll just wait it out. but if af isnt here with in 2 weeks, then to my dr. i go.


yogibear - June 1

hey Elh83, you sound like me last year. i was indeed pregnanct but had a miscarriage. i had the exact same signs as you! BFP didnt come til i was 10 weeks along.


Elh83 - June 2

still no af not even any signs of it. me and dh bd last night. we were very rough and usaully if were rough b4 af i start bleeding, but no spotting. ive been on vitex and prenatals since feb. my ob said i had a hormone inbalance causeing me not to conecive (this was back in jan) thats why i started taking vitex. i went back to my ob in march and my hormone balance was back to normal. thanks to vitex my periods have been normal up til this month. im now 5 days late ive taken one hpt with fmu it was neg. im waiting til mon to test again. my nipples are still sore now my b___bs are a lil swollen. still all the same symptoms. with in the last few days ive had a major acne breck out i havent had one since i was 18 (23 now)....my sister is 2 weeks late so at least im not in this boat on my own



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