Cervix Checking Need Advise

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CQ - August 2

Ladies, sorry to be blunt. but i have no idea how to check the cervix... Any suggestions. Thanks


to CQ from laureli - August 2

I don't know either, hope someone can explain if they don't mind. Think I might be pg, would love some help. AF late 2days now :)


SOS - August 2

I wanted to know the same thing and this is what grandpa viv said ..... Name: Grandpa Viv | Date: August 2, 2005, 11:16 Answer: You can normally touch your cervix in the squatting position. Most of the time it is hard like the tip of your nose. When you have trouble finding it, and it has gone soft, high, open and wet you know you are ovulating. In pregnancy it ends up high and closed, but it takes long enough to do that that it can't be used as an early sign. Good luck!


Jodi - August 2

Stick you middle finger in you v____a while in the squatting position, you will feel a bump. It will either be low or high and hard or soft. Most of the time low=hard and high=soft, but sometimes mine will be high/hard. It will be the the tip of your nose if hard and not ovulating, it will be soft like you lips when ovulating. hope this helps.


SOS - August 2

Okay Jodi I have a question I just checked my cervix and it is high and soft but I am NOT ovulating I already did the 24/25 and this is our first month ttc... so what does that mean?


Jodi - August 2

Well to be honest I'm not really sure, I've heard of women having a high/soft cervix in early pregnancy, but once again I'm not sure, b/c mine is the same way right now, checked last time I used the potty.....anyway I'm sure that I had already o'ed earlier as well. On the 28th. I think I ovulated 3 days after af, but not really sure,b/c I didn't think you could o' that early, but a lady on here said that she had been to the doctor and he comfirmed that she did in fact o 3 days after af, so I guess it is possible, I do know that I have never had cm quite like I did on that day, TMI....There was so much of it, I've never had that much before. so anyway maybe that's a sign for the both of us? Heck who knows the womans body is so d__n confusing, I will never understand it. good luck. Sorry if i rambled too much.........


SOS - August 2

No your did not ramble at all... I am just new to this and really want a baby so bad... so I just started checking for it... I know it is always for me low and hard during my af b/c I can feel it with my tampon... but I have never check it b/c I wasn't ttc at the time.... I think I might just have to ask grandpa viv....


kc - August 3

I have been checking for several years. Step


kc - August 3

Sorry about the first entry. Step 1 make sure hands are washed to prevent infection. Step 2 insert your middle finger and fish around for a cylidrical tube. It is best to start checking right after af. The position will be low hard and the end will be closed. Check everyday so you can see the pattern and the positions of yours everone is different. During your fertile time your cervix will become soft, high barely reachable and the tip will be open about fingertip width. This is your key to start bding. After ovulation the cervix will close up and remain high until your cycle starts again. I hope this helps good luck. You may also want to check cervical mucus and use opt to also help determine your most fertile time.


to kc - August 3

to kc - so what does yours mean if it is low and hard(ish) - I am due tomorrow but hoping she won't come...


hi , to kc, anyone else - August 3

yes, mine is low & hard, and AF was due 3days ago. I don't usually check mine either. But I know when I have AF, from memory it seems higher when i have AF coz I have to push tampon in even more/higher (sorry if offensive). Is this normal to anyone else, it seems Ive read the opposite should occur??? Confused. From Laureli xxx


to all concerned - August 3

Hi Laureli here again! I found this fabulous insite into the cervix, and it has helped me to understand. During pg the cervix will rise&become bit softer, but for some pg women it can happen later, not always in early pg. Please see site, I have put the link in for you! It does help put our minds at ease - well mine anyway. Please, lets talk if ya want! http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/cervixpositionpregnancy.html


kc - August 4

Low and hard means af is on her way. Sorry for the bad news. baby dust for the next cycle.


Cee Bee - August 4

Not so sure KC - it's taken me a while to bother to get some info....but from what I gather from numerous sources, it can vary, and also it can sit low and hard until well after pregnancy has been confirmed. So i may be wrong, but I dont think it is a confirmed sign that AF is on its way....


Jenn - August 17

Hi i am 7 wks pre and mine is low and hard so it doent mean a/f always


wondermotheroftwins - November 13

So mine is so high I can barely reach it and it's closed very much so in fact. I'm in the middle of my fertile time and have had regular s**. Is it possible???


ShineLikeMine - August 3

Grandpa Viv: This morning I woke up and checked my cervix and it was high and hard. Is this an early indication of pregnancy or does cervical position hold no validity to pregnancy



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