Cervix Movement Please Explain

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Gerry - February 6

could someone please explain the movements of the cervix during a menstral cycle to me. I cant find any clear info on the web.


ladygirl - February 7

Cervical movements? I'm not sure but i do know that when you're ovulating its supposed to get high up (harder to reach) and soft. After ovulation its supposed to become quite low again and harder to the touch. I know that during pregnancy that it usually becomes softer but i have read varying things on wether that change is discernable in very early pregnancy.Some women turn out to be pregnant who had checked their cervix for signs and it was low and hard. Some are soft and low like mine right now (mine is usually hard and low before a period) and some are high and soft. It varies from woman to woman i think. I can usually tell that i'm ovulating without checking my cervix for 2 reasons one i'm usually more receptive to my partner but the bigger givaway is that when i have s_x and i'm 'not' ovulating i can feel 'it' hitting my cervix when we have s_x. Like insdie is shorter somehow (sorry graphic), and when i am ovulating and we have s_x i'm not aware of my cervix so much it feels like there more room in there lol (i know it may be too much info here, but we're all women and pretty comfortable talking about our cm and such like things. Hope this helps.


Lin - February 7

Well, the textbook scenario is low, firm and closed before O. Then it should slowly rise, soften and open as you approach O. After O it show go back to low, firm and closed. That said, it can be anywhere else on the map at any time. I had one month where my cervix was so high I couldn't reach it all the way until the day AF arrived, when it quickly dropped. This month, I haven't reached O, and it's been soft all cycle so far. The biggest giveaway clue for O is definitely the position - it should be high. I hope that helps.



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