Chances Of Being Pregnant Please Help

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Missy - April 7

I was woundering what my chances are at being pregnant: I have an average 32 day cycle. My last period started march 11th and my next period is supposed to start april 11th. I had unprotected s_x on the morning of march 28th. I beleave I ovulated on the 28th or the 29th. Since then I have normal pre period symptoms: cramps, bloating, gas, sore/fuller br___t. Their is two symptoms that are unsual for me: One is my br___t are very itchy! I have to run to the bathroom at work just to itch them and it's not the whole br___t it's self but just the nipple/colored area only. I have tried lotion but that doens't seem to help much. I have also notice sometimes I get white pumps on the colores area, they also can leak a very small amount of white stuff. The other one is: I have been having some strong pre period cramps (now and then) that I would normally only get the day before or of my period. I notice a couple of times I would get thick, white, c/m after a cramp. My last period I hardly had any cramps before or during and the same for my period in Feb. I am also very tired and sometimes feel twinges in my lower adomen. What are my chances that I could be pregnant?


Missy - April 7

any advice is greatly appreciated :)


Starlight - April 7

It is possible that you are pregnant. Depending on where yo are, there is a test that you can buy which allows you to test 4 days before your period is due. This might be a good thing to try


Audrey - April 7

Missy- From the dates and symptoms you decribe, you could very well be pregnant. If your next period doesn't show on schedule, use a home pregnancy test. Best wishes!


Grandpa Viv - April 7

The s_x timing was not good - most receptive when most fertile. The PMS signs plus fatigue, itchy nipples, lower ab twinges and white bumps on the areola (Montgomery tubercles) make it quite likely you are getting pregnant. The only unusual part of your post is the bit about strong cramps and thick white cm. A clear or creamy cm is often an early sign (wet down there, lotion, think af is coming) but if it gets thick, there is a possibility of yeast flaring up as v____al chemistry changes. Some women talk of discharge in globs, or stringy, which may have something to do with the mucus plug forming. Not all these early pregnancies stick. I would suggest you take your first home preg test Sat 16th first pee in the morning. Good luck!


Missy - April 7

Thank you for the advice! I will take a test saturday morning with first response. Grandpa Viv: I remembered having some cramps like af was going to start. I went to the bathroom and I had a small glob of cm that was white, like lotion, and it was creamy (same type of cm when I ovulate or when a/f is going start). It seems like eachday the symptoms get stronger but the best way to findout is waiting to take the test. :)



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