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Amber #2 - June 5

Hello everyone! I've been on this forum for a while and asked some questions regarding TTC, but this questions happens to be for my brother and his girlfriend. His girlfriend is 5 days late, however she does not have a regular period so it's really hard to say if she is in fact late at all. If she had a regular 28 day period, then she would be considered 5 days late. They had s_x, using the withdrawal method, a few weeks ago (they don't remember the exact date...again how convenient). When he pulled out, he ejaculated on her va___a and then proceeded to finger her immediately afterwards (yeah...real smart huh?). So, now they are worried that she might be pregnant. In my opinion, they are far too young to be having s_x in the first place. They are only 16, yet they have been dating for 2 years, and just started experimenting s_xually. I'm really disappointed in him b/c he is so smart and has such a bright future ahead of him. I don't want him to go screwing things up by having unprotected s_x and taking a chance on her getting pregnant. Anyways, I'm rambling on about my own personal feelings and that really isn't what this question is about in the first place. What are the chances of her getting pregnant if he ejaculated on her va___a nd then fingered her directly afterwards? He feels that I'm the only person he can talk to b/c obviously my parents would TOTALLY freak out since they think all they have done is KISSED!!! My parents have so many hopes and dreams for him and they would be completely crushed if she turns up pregnant. Does anyone know any statistics for this?? I'm going to go buy an HPT for her tomorrow, but even then it's not 100 % accurate because we don't know really when her period is due nor do we know the exact date they had s_x. Honestly, pregnancy may not even be possible b/c I'm not sure if it dies immediately when it touches air or not...either way they are playing with fire and they could eventually get burned if they are not careful. Any input on what the chances of pregnancy may be would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for them that she is not. I'm sitting both of them down tomorrow night and explaining to them the importance of safe s_x and hopefully knock some sense into the two of them!!!


Rhonda - June 6

There is a good possibility that she could have gotten pregnant.


VenusdiMilo - June 6

Hey Amber, I’m sorry to hear about your brother’s situation. I just hope she isn’t pregnant b/c I’ve read something where it says sperm are alive and active as long as they are wet. If the area is moist the sperm can live for about 48-72 hours (you know inside the body they live much longer) Anyway, once the sperm becomes dry it is safe to say that they are no longer living. Sperm are very determined though and if placed near the v____a they can find their way into the body to fertilize the ovum. I’m really hoping she isn’t and you should definitely have a talk with them. It’s really crazy how they are the ones that are most likely to fall pg just like that and you and I have been trying for so long with no luck….it makes you wonder….Well wishes to your family.


oz - June 6

Her Amber the withdrawl method is around 79 -82% effective but since he ejaculated on her v____a and then fingered her i would say those stats are b__wn out of the water. I hope everything works out for them.


Amber #2 - June 6

Thanks for all of your responses ladies!! I bought an HPT on the way home and picked up my bro and his girlfriend and brought them back to my house to take it. It was a BFN, so that's good news so far!!! I'll keep you all updated. Hey Venus, I know EXACTLY what you mean!! Here we are hoping for her period to come (which it may not), and I was hoping and praying for mine not to come and this she showed her face this morning, lol!!! Pretty weird how things work out like that!! You always get what you don't want!!



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