Chances Of Pregnancy

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Kate - December 11

I am due for my period Dec.24 i have a FULL feeling in my uterus can i be preg?


Amanda - December 11

For a day or 2 i was spotting with reddish/pinkish stuff, then i started to have brown discharge. Then this morning i started something that looks like my period. Am i pregnant or is this just something normal?


kat - December 12

ive been experiencing a few signs also have a full feeling in my uterus too,have you felt any other signs?


Amanda - December 12

I dont feel good at times, but i dont throw up. I threw up once. I have the full feeling. Major mood swings. Stress. Im always tired. Stupid things like that.


. - December 12

wait til after you are due for your period and if it don't come take a hpt


Amanda - December 12

I started my period though. Thats why im freaking out. My friend, shes 4 months pregnant, and she had her period when she was pregnant. She had everything i had.


Traci - December 12

I am due for my period today and have had that feeling for the past 2 weeks off and on. I am not sure if you are pg...too soon to tell. Hope so!


SW - December 12

I would wait to see if you have your period or not. I personally have a "full" feeling before every period, but i would not be pregnant. So just wait and see.


Sara - December 12

I've started Mine And I've been getting really angry for no reason so I'd get a pregnacy test or something


Amanda - December 13

I got my period though. A day after the brown discharge. My friend had her period. Im scared though. Im going to take a hpt tomorrow, and i will find out then


Amanda - December 15

I took a hpt test today. It was one of those ept test. I didnt have the instructions so can u help me out. There was 2 blue lines. Straight up and down. That means negitive right?


bump - December 15



Amanda - December 19

What does "bump" mean?


Leanne - December 19

Amanda, 2 lines usually means you are pregnant


Amanda - December 20

Someone said if there was a cross then you are, 2 lines, your not.



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