Changes In Cm

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Danielle - May 10

What are the changes in cm. What does cm look like if you are pregnant compared to cm right before you start af.


bump - May 10



bump for Danielle - May 10



Danielle - May 10

Does anyone know?????


Meghan - May 10

The CM b4 ovulation is very stringy and thick, like egg's more noticable for me when I use the bathroom. Right b4 I found out I was pregnant, it was very wet and it was staining my underwear (and it still is) like a white stain....hope this helps


Ella - May 10

I am 9 dpo and start to get some yellow cm. I am usually quite dry until right before af. Has anyone got yellow cm for their pregnancy?


Maria - May 10

I've heard a lot of women describe the cm as a yellowish color right before af when they are pg. However, I don't think that cm is the best symptom to go by, I've also heard women say that they are completely dry and ended up being pg and the ones with abundant cm end up not being. So, how knows, I guess it's different for everyone. Good luck to you. Baby Dust!!!!!


Jen - May 10

I am not trying to be gross but I am on day 18 of my cycle and I started having to wear a pantyliner because of cm. I have never had this problem I am not sure what is going on. It is like I am wetting my pants. I am a little scared. Any one have any idea what could be up? We have been trying to concieve for over a year. baby # 3 with no luck


Pattie - May 19

Maria - Yes I have heard that too. Last month, as I have been trying since Feb. I was so wet, watery like I peed my pants, then AF came. This time its is like white lotion, not alot but enough to notice. Not to get gross, but I felt something when I was down doing my laundry today, I had nothing so I grabbed BF's white underwear and wiped, it left a yellowish substance. Sorrry so graphic. But this time is different for me, so I'm hoping BFP is in my cards this month. *** Baby Dust *** to the rest of you all.


kate - May 20

i am not really wet...when i look really well i notice a white chalky-ness. i am due for af--but TTC. could this be a good sign---when should i take a hpt???



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