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sqeekers - June 17

Could some of you who have experience charting take a look and tell me what you think. My temps dropped off today, but still no period.


Grandpa Viv - June 17

Looks like fertilityfriend misplaced your cover line, which should be 97.6 with O on CD 58. Your BD was not well timed for that, but you are now 18 days above that cover line so there may still be reason for hope. There was even a suggestion of an implantation dip. Do you have any signs? If your temp stays up over the weekend, and AF stays away, I would be planning an hpt pretty soon. Good luck!


soimpatient - June 18

If I were you, I would take a HPT!! It looks like you have had high temps for quite a while now. Aren't those long cycles frustrating!?


sqeekers - June 18

Grandpa Viv, another question for you. I had an hsg done on the 2nd of June. They did a blood test the day before and it came up neg for pregnancy. Could it have been wrong? and wouldn't the hsg have caused me not to implant if I was pg? I wasn't worried about being pg when I had the test done cuz we hadn't bd'd in the time frame I thought I could get pg. I am starting to worry now though. My temps have been high for a long time, I have sore bb's and I have been sick to my stomach for a week now. I just don't know what to think any more.


Grandpa Viv - June 18

I don't know what to say, either. They give you a preg test before a hysterosalpingogram to avoid the chance of X-ray damage. In fact the procedure is most often advised for the days immediately following menstruation for that reason. If you had showed the docs your temp chart on Jun 2nd, they might have delayed the procedure, knowing that you likely ovulted less than a week before. Or they might have agreed with you that your bd activity was sufficiently far removed that there was no cause for concern. A blood test at 7 dpo is no more likely to show positive than a urine test. I would like to say that your continued high temps and preg signs are a result of the hospital procedure and the meds you are taking, but pregnancy seems the more likely cause. There is a good chance that a urine test would show positive on first morning pee (fmu) by now. You should buy a couple and take them at one week intervals. If you get a positive you will need a serious consult with the physician who performed the procedure. Good luck!


sqeekers - June 18

Thanks for the advice. I am really confused. I gues I will go buy a couple of tests tomorrow and see what happens. I had given absolutely no thought to there even being a possibility to pregnancy right now. I just chalked all the little stuff up to getting ready to start. Then I looked at my chart yesterday and started counting days and realized how long the temps have been high, and when the other symptoms started. I will keep you posted.


twotimesthecharm - June 19

Hi Squeekers, when you take away the user override with the blue line what ovulation day do FF give you. I think your ovulation day is CD58 because that is when your temps took on a biphasic pattern showing a possible implantation dip 8DPO or a estrogen dip 8DPO, if there was an egg fertilized then it could had been rescued to keep producing progesterone and that is why you are past now 25DPO. I had a friend to now get a + test until 2weeks after the day her af was due meaning she was 28DPO, so don't count yourself out. I have to ask her but I think if I recall correctly that they did a blood test when she was 2 weeks late and that is how she found out. She keep getting negative HPT until she was almost 11 weeks. It really depends on how you body metabolize the HcG thus varying when it will show a BFP. Good luck to you. I hope it helps.


sqeekers - June 19

OMG!!!!! I took a test a few minutes ago when I got home from work....BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very dark bfp at that. Now I'm scared, what are my chances that the hsg has caused some problems? I am gonna call the docs in the morning and get an appt.


soimpatient - June 19

Yeah!!! Congrats Sqeekers!


ZenGirl - June 19

Granpa Viv... you are pretty good! And you are usually very right! Congrats to you squeekers. Hope it's smooth sailing from here!



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