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gbaer - November 3

Here is the story. I had an inregular af on Oct9th on and off one day yes one day not so on only lasted for 3days top. After that we have been beding quite often. On Oct 27 I had the worst pain in my back and abs like if I was going to have a baby I though it was af comeing early but No show. On the Oct 28th I got these cramp in early morning use the ladyr and though af showed up. I wiped and it was clear pink/red. tminfo. Oh I tested on the 1st and bfn. . Till this day nothing I do have a little cramping, I don't fit in my regular pants. Could I still be pg


gbaer - November 3

please someone????


bs - November 3

you could, you should go get a blood test. are you ttc?


gbaer - November 3

bs, yes we are for a few months know.


Grandpa Viv - November 3

What does this have to do with charting. One hope here is that Oct 27/28 was implantation and you might hope for a BFP about Nov 11th. Good luck!


gbaer - November 3

Grandpa Viv. I don't know how the charting work. Thats why I explained my situation and thanks for you timeing. I was thinking of doing a test around the Nov17th to give it enought time. But sinse you suggested the 11th I might just do that. Thanks


Charting - November 4

Charting is when you take temps. You can look at your temperature pattern and be able to tell if you are preovulatory, biphasic-post ovulatory, and triphasic which does happen in pregnancy charts. check out fertility friend if your are not successful this cycle. Hoping you are. What HPT are you using? If you are testing early, Dollar Tree test and FRER (First Response Early Result) is best.


gbaer - November 4

Charting, thanks for explaining. Im using first response. Im still having supposly cramping. I say supposly because it feels like cramp, but a the same time it just feels like my skin is wripping, as if the strechmarks I already have are streaching. The pain is at the bottom of my belly. I have never had cramps for more than one day.



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