Charting BBT Help Needed From All Of You Experts

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Carrie M. - August 4

Ladies, for those of you who understand BBT interpretation. I am extremely confused. Seems I ovulated on 18th or 19th (maybe not, as I dont know what's right anymore) :( but my temps went up on the 19th... then went back down again and I expected AF as of 08/02. Temps have been up (coverline 96.0, temps are 98.0 for the past 3 days). What could this mean??? I thought if I were prego, temps wold stay up consistantly after ovulation! thank you.


ana - August 4

i would like to know the answe to that myself. my af is due either today or tomorrow but my temps have been 98.3 for 3 days and im just all confused about it. here is my chart. please tell my what you think.


faith - August 4

well i don't know too much about chartin temps but i'll try and help you guys out anyway.i have heard that when chartin temps that you are supposed to do it and the same time everyday.did you guys do that? i don't know i'm not calling you guys dumb or nothin just try to figure out why your temps would go up and down like that.hmmm.i guess only time will tell.good luck ladies.hope i helped a little.


CM - August 4

Ana, your looks opposite from mine. :) my temps were lower than coverline after a__sumed ovulation... and then went up in the last 3 days... Yours were higher. I am very confused. :(


CM - August 4

Faith, thanks for responding. Yes, i have been taking my temps at 7 each morning


nancy - August 4

hi ladies...i've been charting for the past 6 months and maybe i could help you with your problems. Carrie M how many dpo are you right now? Charting your temp everyday at the same time is very important to get an accurate result before getting out of the bed. When your temp spike up that means ovulation had occurred then it will go down if AF is supposed to show up...but if temp continue to spike up for 18 DPO that mean you are probably pregnant. If you are using it will be easy for your to determine when is your O once your temp when high about 0.4 F that means you have ovulated. that will be your 1DPO. After O it will stay up but if you are pg if not it will go down. Hope it helps.


ana - August 4

i have beem temping everyday at the same time too. 5:30 am, i have always had a hot body so i really dont know what my coverline is to be. i have a cycle of 25 days and i am not to sure when i really do ovulate. but i will see if af comes tomorrow. but i hope not.


Carrie M - August 4

Nancy, thanks for your explanation. I am not even sure i ovulated when i am a__suming i did... If i am right i ovulated on July 19th... But my temps went down then back up again and have been up for three days. The temps are supposed to decline before AF, correct?


kc - August 4

I have been charting for 2 years and my temp doesn't decline until af starts. I know everyone is different. I would wait until 16 days past your ovulation date and take a hpt test if you feel you are pg. I would use the second spike to be sure you are counting from ovulation. I hope this helps.


ana - August 4

kc- do you mind sharing you charts with me? thanks everyone for their responces.


Ally - August 4

Hey! quick background on me:) I am 27 and this is our 2nd month ttc. My cycle runs 35-37 days..LONG!!! Pre-ovulation my temps run 97.2-97.3 and this month on day 22 they droped to 97.0 day 23: 97.4 day 24 97.7, etc.... and the they dropped on day 28 to 97.2 and then went back up and now they ae consistently 98.3/98.4 in the a.m. I am now on day 39 and this a.m. they were 98.3...sooo I may test this weekend if they do not go down. Carrie, I am not sure what it means if temps are not consistent...since mine went down too... some say that some women get an implantation dip in temps??? We will see...glad to know others are in the same boat..keep me updated and I will do the same!!!


Carrie M - August 5

Ladies, thanks to all who responded. Ally, I am losing hope, as i have no pg. symptoms, AF didn't come (was due August 2 or 3) but before i began taking met i was very VERY irregular. was dx'ed with PCOS then doc said it went away (no scientific explanations for these things). anyhow, Ally, Ana, check out, there are hundreds of charts posted there (scroll all the way down on the homepage and look on the lower right for a link). Based, on my understanding, Ally, if our temps go below cover line after a__sumed ovulation date, and then back up again this may mean we didn't ovulate at all!! :( i am so frustrated...


ana - August 5

hey all, i did my temp this morning and it was 98.62. i feel like af wasnt to show up. i keep running to the bathroom checking if she is here and all i keep finding is this clear watery substance. it just feels like i am wetting gross. but i am keeping my fingers crossed she doesnt show up AT ALL. boy this waiting this is hard. Thanks Carrie M for the charting info. So let me ask everyone this. if my cycles are consistant 25 days apart would it be to early for me to test? because techinally today would be day 26 or 27. i dont know if i can count the spotting i had the day before she came on fully b__wn. just wondering. i really dont want to test because you know she just might pop up and say "I'm here..." and i dont want that happening. so what do you gals think?


bump - August 5



Ally - August 5

Hey guys! Still no af for me either. Temps were still up again today (Day 40) at 98.2....I have had some cramps for the past few days like menstrual cramps, but today I have not had them. Carrie, Thanks for the info... I think we DID ovulate:) I looked at that website (fall back thermal shift) and women still were pregnant when they dropped below coverline, soooooo there is hope. Ana, you can test if you want, BUT in my opinion I would wait until af is a week late. I have 2 friends who are pregnant and they never got a positive until at least a week. One was almost 2 weeks after af was supposed to come....only b/c emotionallly it would be hard to get a BFN ...I am going to wait until next Wednesday since that is when af is officially a week late:)


bump - August 6



ana - August 6

hey all, i still dont have af, YES! but i have not tested yet. i did my temps this morning at it was 98.4. still higher than normal. im keeping my fingers crossed for everyone to get their BFP. so far im 3 day late now and im hoping for 8 months and 27 days more of it.



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