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BrendaW - February 20

Hey all, well i made this thread, we can continue chatting. Any one welcome to joing, here we can chat about our lives, our TTC journey and anything else that comes up !


BrendaW - February 20

By the way, has anyone heard from Layni?


krissy2006 - February 20

Oh Brenda, I wish I had heard from Layni. Poor thing. I wish she would come back and chat with us. :*/


BrendaW - February 20

Me too, I wonder about her and hope she is doing okay.


Megs - February 20

Me too!! So brenda, have you got the Damiana yet?? Anything exciting happening??


jessieb - February 20

yah!! hi brenda, made it! i was still blabbing away on the old thread. der!


BrendaW - February 20

lol Jessie, sorry about that, i will go and read it! Megs- Nope, i havent gotten it yet. I am going to wait and see when af shows then start the damiana andOvulex together. I had a .6 temp drop, so i really think it is coming sometime this week. hopefully i dont have a 34 day cycle again. Yuck! I will still test tomorrow though :)


BrendaW - February 20

lol Jess that looks like a skyrocket to me !!!!


VenusdiMilo - February 20

Well, I made it!! Hello ladies, I hope you all are doing well. Not much going on right now since AF is here but I do have another issue I’m dealing with. My mom had a lumpectomy done on January 23 which came back positive for b___st cancer. She still has more tests to do but for now she is doing fine. We weren’t expecting this at all, but we’re dealing with it step by step and hoping the treatment she’ll be getting will work for her………….Anyhow, I want to see lots of BFP real soon. Baby Dust!!


BrendaW - February 21

I am so sorry for your mom Venus, this is going to be a hard journey for her and will keep her in my prayers. How scary too for you and her. Well, my temps went back up today, BFN though so i guess still just waiting.


SaraLynn - February 21

Venus, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis. My neighbor had b___st cancer, and they caught it early enough, she's in been clear of cancer for a couple of years now. I hope your mom has the same good luck.


VenusdiMilo - February 22

Good morning ladies! I hope everyone’s doing well.........Thank you Brenda & Saralynn for caring…….This is a very tough time for both of us and it’s even tougher because my mom’s husband is a real A-hole. I won’t get into it but I’ll tell you this much, she married the wrong man, period……Ever since I found out about my mom’s diagnosis on January 31st I’ve been a little on the edge, scared and stressed but I’ve been trying real hard to keep it together. It’s a lot going on right now but I’ll be strong all the way………….Saralynn, how are you feeling these days and how far along are you now?.....Brenda, I can’t wait to see what your temp does today. I hope AF stay the hell away……Jessie, how’s that loan coming along? I see your temp’s going up…that’s great! Did you O yet? *~*~*~*~*~*~* Baby Dust All Over!! *~*~*~*~*~*~*


jessieb - February 22

good morning all! venus, it is great that your mom has you to be there for her during this time, you are a very strong woman. we are all going to hope, wish and pray for your mom and you and your family. well, i am back. dh and i went to santa fe to pick up a yurt for my friend's boss. she needed it here in marfa, we are bored and restless. so we just jaunted up to santa fe. a yurt is a tent basically, it is from mongolia. yes i know. sometimes we do the silliest things...... we are still waiting on the loan. one of the banks called us yesterday. we should hear from him again today. we are going whacky waiting for this all to work out. we are supposed to close on the building march 1, next thursday!! eeek! it is getting close, we just want to know how we are going to pay for the building. as far as i can tell i am 3 dpo. ho hum.


BrendaW - February 22

Good morning all! Well, i forgot to take my temp this morning! Can you believe that. Aw well, it will be what it will be. Jess, woo kinda scary huh! Well, good luck hearing something today. I will keep my fingers crossed for you~!


jessieb - February 22

i have done that too brenda. i will wake up and daniel has a cup of coffee ready for me. i will space out and take a sip of it before the thermometer. then it is useless. i am so foggy in the morning i am surprised i even remember as much as i do.


SaraLynn - February 22

Hi, all! I'm feeling pretty good, Venus, just a little tired. So far that's been my only symptom, being tired and a lack of af. I am 14 weeks today. I have my next doc appointment next Wednesday, the 28th. I'm thinking she's going to want to do an ultrasound on me to see if I'm further along than we think, or if there's 2 beans in there, because I am getting big, FAST! I can't wear any of my regular clothes at all anymore! Oh, well, at least I know that he or she's growing! How's everyone else doing?


BrendaW - February 22

That's really awesome Saralynn! Hey, Jess do you remember that 6 bedroom 3300sq foot house i had wanted but someone else got???? (everyone) Welllll,,,,,, there escrow fell through this morning! I just got back from putting a bid in on it and i should here something by tomorrow!!!!!!!!! I am so EXCITED!!!!



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