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BrendaW - February 22

That's really awesome Saralynn! Hey, Jess do you remember that 6 bedroom 3300sq foot house i had wanted but someone else got???? (everyone) Welllll,,,,,, there escrow fell through this morning! I just got back from putting a bid in on it and i should here something by tomorrow!!!!!!!!! I am so EXCITED!!!!


jessieb - February 22

eeeeeeeee!!! brenda that is awesome!!! whooooooh ooooooo what at house that would be! i am excited!! and you are already pre-approved right? that is freakin great. hopefully we should hear something tomorrow too. since we didn't today. gawd! i hate bankers!


BrendaW - February 22

I know how exciting for both of us Jess!! Tomorrow nothin' but good new xxxxxxxxxxxxxx fingers crossed!!!


BrendaW - February 23

Well, onward to another for me. Hope you ladies are having a good day. I took my first pill of Ovulex this morning! So here we go!


jessieb - February 23

hey brenda, let me know if you hear anything today. and vice versa, i will let you know. sorry about af. that wicked woman!


BrendaW - February 23

yes, i have come to expect and accept her arrival (at least this month anyway) . I really think Jonas neeeds to get his little spermies checked. I am taking the Ovulex as of today. We will see if that does any good. I will definitely let you know when i hear something. I will call her at 3 my time if I havent heard anything by then.


BrendaW - February 23

WOOHOOOO!!!! I got the house!! Not at my original bid but it goes into Escrow on Monday!!!!!


jessieb - February 23

shut up!!!!! that is freaking awesome!!!!!!! yahoooooooooooo!! do you have pics that you could send me a link to? here or on myspace? i would love to see it. we did not hear anything... wah wah wah. talked to one bank today. he said he will put it in front of the final approval committee on monday night.... yes, we are NOT going to make the closing date of thursday. f*ck. i hope we still get this building... i am getting the rug is going to come flying out from under us feeling. this is how it starts.......


BrendaW - February 24

Oh Jess I am so sorry! Damn you better not loose the building!!!! i pray for you k. i am really excited about the house. I am probably going to go in next weekend and i will take pictures. Then i will post them email whatever it takes :) There will be before and after pics :) I cant wait!!


jessieb - February 24

that is great news. i am so e xcited for you!! i can't wait to see the house. how far are you going to move? is it close to where you live now? how exciting!!!


BrendaW - February 25

Yeah it is the next town over. I was born in that town. It is like 10 minutes away. Not bad. i am really excited just hope everything goes through the way it should!


Megs - February 25

Congrats Brenda on the house! (Just read that... LOL) How's the Ovulex going thus far? I know, you've only recently started it but still... haha! I'm watching ya girl! (not in a creepy way... haha)


jessieb - February 25

brenda that is awesome!! when do you close on it? is BF moving in with you now?? yipee!!


BrendaW - February 26

Your funny Megs. Havent really noticed anything yet with the Ovulex. I forgot to take it this morning! Man, hate when i do that. :) THanks for the congrats! Jess, We close on the 23rd of March and yes BF and I will be moving in together. He got his drivers license back on Friday!! Very excited about that. We went and sat outside "our" house last night :) Not too long but it was cool. They havent put the SOLD sign on it yet but i am hoping today they will. Good Luck on hearing about your loan today Jess!


jessieb - February 26

nothing about the loan for us today..... figures. but we have had a good day. my in laws are in town. they are running errands since they are moving here. daniel talked to the owner of our building and he said that we can push the closing back. PHEW!!! so that worry is gone. we should hear something tomorrow.... gosh, i am getting sick of thinking that and saying it.... : ) but we really should know something tomorrow one of the banks is putting it in from of the loan committee tonight.


BrendaW - February 26

Damn Jess that has got to be a lot of Stress~ But it will be worth it!! Best of luck to you for tomorrow! You and Daniel deserve it. Have your inlaws already bid on a house?



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