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SRB - April 27

Hey all, I noticed last night that I couldn't stop peeing! I didn't have that much to drink yesterday so I know that wouldn't have anything to do with it, but I also noticed that my urine was very clear. Has anyone experience having clear urine and you know you having been drinking a lot of water?


// - April 27

This is your fourth post StacyB. Give people a chance to answer. You keep asking the same question.It's getting annoying..


Stacy B. - April 27

To: // There is not a limit to how many post I am allowed to place. If you have a problem with it don't read it. You've just annoyed my with your response that has nothing to do with my question. Don't waste my time unless with comments that are not relevent. Thank you Stacy B. ~~~


...? - April 27

Stacy B. Don't let people get you upset. Forget what that stupid (//) person said. If she can take the time out to read each one of your post, she could've taken the time to reply sensibly! However, I have had frequent urination and from time time it was been clear and I've drank a lot of soda. Baby dust to you!!


// - April 27

Why am I stupid? I try to answer posts that I have answers to.If someone doesn't get a reply perhaps someone does not know the answer to that question.Instead of asking the Same question 4 times just bump it up.It is annoying when your trying to help people who have serious questions and you keep reading the same question.Might I add, you signed this post srb and the others stacy B. So who was trying to hide the fact they keep asking the same question.If I annoyed you with my response I'm sorry but,It gets really annoying when you keep reading the same post with a different t_tle.Don't waste "MY TIME "either


// - April 27

Firstly I didn't call you stupid. And the question was directed to you so if you didn't know then you should have SHUT UP. I didn't ask for your advise. Most of the post are asking the same question, "Am I pregnant!" Does that ring a bell to you? My question was a very serious question. If it wasn't to you the most mature thing to do was to not respond at all. I'm sure many of the other ladies may have felt the same way, but they didn't reply they just ignored it as you should have. Stacy B. and SRB is the same person. Duh, I'm not stupid I knew people would know it was me. I HAD THE EXACT SAME QUESTION. If I were trying to hide it I would've have changed the question around. Like I said before don't waste my time! I feel like being really childish and calling you a B!T%H, but I won't!! Good Day~ Stacy B./SRB. Oh, thanks ...? for understanding and giving me a response.


to SRB - April 27

You did ask for // advice.You did when you posted your questions. Calm down. // should have worded it different. Just use bump if you don't get a reply. You shouldn't have called her a B****. That was not very nice.Let's just all get along. As far a your question, I really don't have a good answer.I know you can pee alot when first pregnant.good luck


RB - April 27

SRB~I agree w/u if they didn't have a response then (//) should have left well alone until someone could respond. I wish I could answer your ? but it has been 10 yrs since I have been PG. I am just ttc again. Good luck to u.


to srb - April 27

I pee a lot before af when is af due?


SRB - April 27

Just so you all we know I am pregnant and I have many other symptoms, but I have noticed that I have been urinating a lot more and I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this being pregnant or thinking that you may be. I took a pregnancy test and I noticed a faint positve.



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