Chemical Pregnancy Or Maybe Not

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Libby - May 1

I was recently told by my doctor that I had a chemical pg. I had 3 postive pg. test a little before my period and about a week later they were neg., so my doctor said that I must have had a chemical pg. They did a blood test on me about a week after my period was due, and my beta count was a 2 at that time. However, it has been about a week and a half and I still haven't seen a period and I feel very pregnant. Could they have been wrong? Should I test again? I swear I'm pg. Anyone have any advise. Oh yeah, can anyone tell me what kind of discarge you might have if you are pg. Mine has been kind of abundant and watery. Today and yesterday however, it's been thicker with some white chunks it. Yuck, I know. Sorry for being so descriptive. Anyone have any comments on what maybe going on or something similar happen to them. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


stephy - May 1

sorry to soudn stupid but im very curious what's chemical prenancy?


Libby - May 2

I was told that it was meant that I my egg had been fertilized, but that something went wrong with the implantation process. This would be why I had a few positives and then a week later it was negative. My question is, where is my period then? And whay do I feel so pg? Could they have been wrong?


Libby - May 2

Anybody, please answer!!!!


Bump - May 2



i think.. - May 2

sorry you just have to be patient.. still weekend night.. when weekdays comes around you might ahve more reply.. you should stop bumping the post up.. since it's weeknight.. some peopel get annoyed (not sayign i am..but i was told that myself) and so if u wanna bump up your post and ahve soemone see wait until tml afternoon or night time then bum.. then u'll see more replies.. don't stress yourself out right now


Rainbow - May 2

Hi, if you tested positive on home pregnancy tests first, and then later your blood test was a 2, then you are no longer pregnant. This is because for the home kit to have detected you are pregnant, your hormone levels must have been a lot higher than 2. In other words, your hormone levels have dropped from a pregnant level, to a non-pregnant level. You may well still feel pregnant though, maybe because your body hasn't quite made the switch to not-pregnant. (Even though you are not.) It's horrible to be disappointed like that because you get your hopes up, and then nothing. But at least it does mean, you could get pregnant right away again, like this month, if that's what you want. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - May 2

This is odd. A positive before a period followed by a negative after the period indicates an early pregnancy loss. You have not had a period. By all means home test again just to see if there was a laboratory mix-up. A clear or creamy discharge (lotion, wet down there, feels like AF coming) is common in early pregnancy. White chunks suggest that yeast may become a problem as hormones change the v____al chemistry. My understanding of "chemical pregnancy" is any pregnancy that is not a "clinical pregnancy" which is defined as one that has survived the first trimester, but I don't suppose many women would appreciate that definition.


To Libby - May 2

It is quite normal for your period to take a little while if you have been pregnant. I don't think you can read too much into the type of discharge you have. It's not a sign of pregnancy you can rely on. Chances of a lab mix up are likely to be close to nil, if you also got a negative result from a home test. If you get burning, or itching it could be yeast, or if it smells unpleasant. But I think I'd just wait a few days to see if AF sets in on its own. If not by all means ask your gyno, why it's not setting in.


Libby - May 2

Thank you so much for your responses. I guess I was still trying to hold on to the slight possibility that I may still be pg. I don't know why I do this to myself. It just causes more pain. I so wish my period would just hurry up and come so I can't I least know it's truly over. Everyday I feel like it's about to start and it never does. It's absolutely killing me emotionally. Thank you again for listening to me and responding. lol!!! I hope you all have better luck than me at ttc. (crying)


Jena - May 2

Libby, can you get another blood test to see what your levels are now? I was a 2 when I first tested as well - and now I'm 9 weeks with twins - if you aren't pregnant, don't worry - it'll totally happen for you. How long have you been ttc??


Jennifer - May 16

You definitely need to go to your doctor and have your hormone levels tested. You could have miscarried the baby & if there were any left over "products of conception" (such a strange term), they could be causing your body to still think you are pregnant. I recently had a chemical pregnancy is totally heartbreaking. Good luck to you.



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