Cheri S Predictions

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rossgirl - March 23

Just wondered if anyone that received a prediction from Cheri has had it come true?


jeanette - March 23

Here we go again!! LOL!


Emma2 - March 23

HAhah round 2!


Amber #2 - March 23

well, I'll let you know next month!!! She said that she sees April as my month to either conceive, find out I'm pregnant, or give birth! So I'll let you know if I concieve or find out next month (because lord knows I won't be giving birth)! She also said that she sees this baby as a girl! I don't put too much stock into these predictions but I think stuff like this is fun!


curly - March 23

i have 2 email addresses 1 she said may-boy the other she said july-girl, so i guess concive this year or givre birth next year???????????????


babygurl63801 - March 23

she told me march/boy,,,my af came two days believe it if you want too!!


tish - March 23

who is Cheri? and how do you get her predictions?


MaybeBaby06 - March 23

I have, she told me a that i should be finding out im pregnant, giving birth or concieving in April....I think im going to find out im pregnant in April....and she said its going to be a boy


curly - March 23

babygurl63801, maybe she meant give birth in march conviece in june?? well i wont beleive in her unless my prediction pa__s and are wrong


roxyttandme - March 23

Who is Cheri? What is this all about?


want2beamummy - March 23

If you email her she'll email you back with a physhic prediction on when you will concieve and the gender of your baby! She told me I'm pregnant now with a boy. Haven't tested yet, mp not due for another 4 days. Her email address is [email protected] But if she told curly two different things on two different email addresses, I wouldn't bother! LOL


monicaweiner - March 23

she told me i would conceive or find out this month and it would be a boy and i just found out about 2 weeks ago i was pregnant!


rossgirl - March 23

Thanks for the feedback...I'm looking at her prediction for strictly entertainment value but was curious if any of it panned out! She told me I'd either conceive or give birth in April, and it would be a boy. So if there's anything to her at all, maybe I'll get good news next month, or in July, to give birth NEXT April. Who knows!! Want2beamummy, still have my fingers crossed for your test!!!!


Crystal B - March 23

she told me that my month was march..I was a week late for my period and got 2 positive test, but i think i had an early miscarrige so she was kindof right.


BrendaW - March 24

Crystal, did you start af after having positive pg. Was it extra heavy with more pain? Did you tell your doc? I am really sorry if that was the case. let me know


want2beamummy - March 24

CrystalB, really sorry to hear that, I hope you are ok! ;( I can't imagine how painful that would be, fingers crossed and prayers your way for next month. Cheri told me this month too but we'll see. Thanks Rossgirl, I got my first bfn this morning, 12dpo and 3 days until my mp. I'm not sure if it would have shown up by now if I were expecting now?


rossgirl - March 24

want2beamummy, don't lose heart yet...I know some women who didn't see a positive until after af was late by a couple could still happen! Crystal B, so sorry about your m/ heart is with you and praying for another bfp real soon for you!! monicaweiner, CONGRATS on your pregnancy!! Keep us posted on your progress!!



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