Cheri The Baby Psychic

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Meelliissaaxo - March 27

how accurate is she? i just got a email from her today saying April-boy. she said you either conceive, find out, or deliever in april. when she told you did you findout. hopefully aprils the month i find out!! :]


Becky22 - March 27

Hey Melissa, I've heard about this lady but didn't know if she was still going. What do you do, just email her asking for her predictions? Thought I'd give it a go just for fun. What's her email address? I hope it is true for you :-)


Meelliissaaxo - March 27

i emailed her in october and she sent me one back just 2 days ago asking if i was ttc or was pregnant, if i had a m/c and how many pregnancies was i working on. i told her i m/c and i dont have any other children. (just my dog) haha. and she sent one back last night her email is cheri22 at gmail dot com ( they wont let me post it the right way.)


annmarie - March 27

I sent her an email last fall sometime and she told me girl and January. So I'm not completely ruling her out. If I get pregnant in April, I'll deliver in January. Turns out, I'll be starting Clomid in April so she could be on to something! It is fun though just to see what she has to say and to describe your little offspring! I'll let you know if she's right.


cloverpatch - March 27

No-1 can predict a baby....Cheri is a WASTE of time....


babynewbie - March 27

Yeah well I asked her last year and she got back to me twice by accident and both answers were different so I'm not banking on her at all...its just for fun! Last year she said a girl in november and then she sent me another answer which was boy in october so who knows??? :)


Meelliissaaxo - March 28

wow. guess shes not very reliable. i was just curious how many people have gotten answers from her; that ended up be close to true. haha.


jamers - March 28

In Sept. she told me Dec and girl, but nothing in December. (she said she sees me finding out in beginning of Dec) I asked her again after December was over and she said she still sees December, then later she said she sees July but it isn't coming in as strong as Dec. Well I won't be able to try again until the end of April/early early May which would not be right for Dec. unless I went early. So who knows! It's all for fun, but she has been right a lot, it's kinda spooky. but then again she's been wrong also.



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