Chest Pain Help Dont Know If Im Preg Concerned

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little jen xxx - October 26

hi all.. thanx in advance for all ur advice ..ok heres the cycles are normally around 35- 37 days....lmp was sept 1st.. 5 days heavy flow.. thats normal for me.. i chart with ff and on cd 32 (10dpo) temp dropped by .1 degree i started spotting..put a pad on n by the evening i had about a teaspoon of pinky discharge on the pad..put a clean pad on and went to bed took temp at normal time and it went up by .2 degrees.. still spotting.. but abit heavier and now its pinky red n stretching clear cm mixed in.. soz tmi i know but not as heavy as normal AF.. so i used 1 pad for the whole day... by the evening time i put a clean pad on and went to bed.. woke up on day 3 of the spotting / bleeding.. n its now lighten up again.. by lunch time of day 3 i had stopped all togeather.. so i had AF for 2.5 days b4 AF i had a few signs of preg.. cramps from ovulation day n still have them now.. it has been 20 days since my bleeding.. as i said i still have the cramps.. not bad but just real annoying.. i get heartburn every eveing around 7pm.. and for the past 2 weeks it feels like some one is sat on my chest.. bbs slightly sore but my whole chest area feels real heavy n achy.. peeing more than usual n for the past 3 nights i have been having vivid dreams... feel tired all the time n have now started napping during the day which is something i never do... i took a test 8 days after the bleedin/spotting.. and it was bfn.... do u think its worth taking a test again or should i wait till nxt af ttc and dont want to waste the only test i have got left....has anyone had a real achy chest area n got a BFP... i would love to have a BFP


arieslove - October 26

Hi Jen, I am in the same boat that you are in sort of. My lmp was 08/21/05. I have not had any significant pregnancy symptoms. I am naseous in the mornings, but that could also be my reflux, I am tried all of the time, but I am in school and I work, and on top of that i can't seem to get comfortable at night until after 2 hours of tossing and turning. and I have been using the restroom quite a bit, but I have been drinking alot too. I have been feeling extra bloated but a__sociated that with AF. I have had some cramping, and thought that AF was right around the corner, but no luck. It is almost 2 months now without a visit from her. And this chest area pain, I have experienced that too. I don't know what that is all about, but I'm concerned about it. I just feels so heavy and achy as well. I've never felt that before. I have made an appointment but I could not get in until Nov. 9th. I took a test last month and I got a BFN. I hope that someone responds to this so that you and I can get a little insight on these issues...So are you hoping to get a BFP?


b - October 26



little jen xx - October 26

hi arieslove.. yea i would love a BFP.. boyfriend n i have been ttc 4 about 5 mths now.. how bout u..? r u ttc ?


arieslove - October 26

what is bump? and yes, i would love a BFP. even though my mother had a dream that I was pregnant with twins. I love 2 for 1 specials, but that one... So how long have you been having the chest pain symptoms? I have only noticed it within these 2 months that i have missed my period.


little jen xx - October 26

bump moves the post back to the top of the list so that it doesnt get lost.... been having the chest pain for about two wks on and off.. wel its not really a pain its a heavy feeling like some one is sat on me chest.. r u gonna take another test... when is ur nxt af due


arieslove - October 27

My period was due to come on the the 10/22, but still no sign of her. Today, I have been a little crampy. But I will see. The chest heaviness, have you heard about that being a symptom/sign of PG??? Are you taking any prenatals? I am, well I was. I thought back to see if I were taking anything different or doing anything different and the only thing that I could think of was the Prenatals. So I stopped yesterday, and I haven't experienced that sensation yesterday or today. I'm wondering if that were the cause. When is AF due for you?


Kira - October 27

So you could have a cold...i dunno. But i du know that (WITH OTHER SYMPTOMS) a sore chest is a sign of ectopic pregnancy


Trish - October 28 do you know it is a sign of ectopic pregnancy????


Jodie - October 28

Hi all, I have been pregnant before and just to put all of you at ease, i had chest pains around weeks 5-7 i think. the doctor said to me that it was normal and it was my other organs being pushed upwards making way for my swelling uterus. It was a little hard to breath i remember and it hurt if i didnt sit straight in my chair. hope this helps. good luck and baby dust ****


arieslove. - October 28

Thanks for that insight Jodie. I was a little nervous about that. I am trying to hold out from calling my doctors office until my appt. I didn't know what was going on as far as my chest was concerned. I don't know why i thought that it could have been my prenatals. It just seemed as though as soon as I stopped taking them the pain went away. I think that i am starting to worry a bit much. So Jodie, if you don't mind. Can you tel me what your pregnancy symptoms were. I have none, other than a period that has been MIA since 08/21/05 and slight cramping here and there. My appointment is on Nov. 9th. I have been patient the entire time, but the closer that it gets to that day, the more and more antsy I am getting.


Jodie - November 1

Hi again Arieslove, I've been offline for a while sorry. It was a while ago, so i'm trying to remember other symptoms. I turned off drinking tea suddenly, was also gaining a little weight all over ( i am thin so it was noticeable) - thats all i can remember at that stage. then my tastes started to change and i turned off the smell of certain foods etc. hope this helps!



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