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Jules - October 8

Hi, my question: My bbs are very sore. I bought a new bra, as my old one seemed too small. I went up a whole cup size, is this just a normal thing or perhaps a sign of pregnancy? I haven't gained weight though, to my knowledge. My chest still hurts, and I have been having slight cramping off and on for a couple weeks. I first noticed the cramping on one side of my lower abdomen a few days after ovulation. Af is due any time. Husband and I aren't ttc, but we wouldn't mind!!! Any thoughts from anyone out there?


same as above - October 9

Af still has not come (though it feels as though it may at any time), and my chest is still very sore. Anyone else experience this in pregnancy, or am I just getting my hopes up?? And, do some people cramp in the first few weeks of pregnancy??? Hope to be answered! :) Thank you


Baby Sox - October 9

Hello, Jules! So is AF late now? I think the one cup size up sounds like a pretty good sign. I hope it is. I've beenthinking I need a new bra, too, but trying to hold off because my b___bs swell before AF, too. Some women definitley do report cramping in early pregnancy. Good luck!!!


Jules - October 11

Well, I am two days late today, and I took a test--BFP!!! Now, I am scared to death. I'm going to test again soon, just to be sure, but the pg line showed up in just seconds! This will be my first pregnancy, which is probably why I am so scared! Just a little advice for all, make sure that when you test, you are prepared for the answer. I a__sumed it would be BFN, so I took it as my husband and I rushed out the door. Big mistake! It wasn't very special when it turned out BFP, and it made things a little strained between us. (He had suggested I wait till tomorrow morning) It's starting to sink in now... :) If anyone would like to know things I've experienced thus far, just respond back. Oh, my lower back has been pretty achey.


Heather - October 11

Jules: I love your name. lol. But anyway! Im thinking i could be pregnant, and im going to ask you this sense you arnt that far along... im not sure when my period started im thinking around the 17th because my period is usually 6-7 days long and i ened 22-23, but had s_x 2 times the 28th, and if i started the 17th then i would have ovulated the 1st, well sense the 6th-7th, i have been having bad cramps and then i noticed on the 8th i was bloated.. my back has been hurting sense yesterday (the 10th). Im suppose to start around the 15th... did you have any of these symtoms like this?! Thanks!


Jules - October 11

To Heather: I It sounds like you are experiencing a lot of the same as me. My cramping (mainly to one side of my lower abdomen--slightly sharp) started about two weeks after my period. The lower back pain really started about the time af was due, and it was more intense today. Sounds like there is a good chance you are pregnant (esp. since you bd'd around your fertile time) so I would wait till you're late to take a test. I know it's hard to wait, but you'll get a more accurate answer.


Holly - October 13

Could being pregnant (beginning) be confused with starting to feel as though you have the flu? I am expecting AF on the 18th. My hubby and I are ttc for about 10 mos. I know I should just wait to find out if AF comes, but I am anxious/excited. Anyway, I was fertile/Ov on 10/2-10/5 (10/5 being my O day). My hubby and I bd on 10/1, 10/4 and 10/5 (he was sick so I gave him a 10/10 my chest was sore and I was achy, but later that night I had 102 temperature so thought it was a flu. Next day temp was around 99 and then later on that day was pretty much back to normal temp. 97-98. Today (10/13) chest still feels sore and have been told twice my chest looked bigger... my mom told me I was coming out of my bra. I feel a little light-headed today and somewhat nauseous here and there, but it could be the weather (raining the past week) - or still being "sick" - I don't know. I guess I am just hoping too much and I should just wait it out, but it is so frustrating. Does anyone think a pg test would work today? Does anyone know if these could be preg. signs or am I just hoping too much? aaaaahhhhhhhhh....going crazy here. Any info. would be helpful! Thanks.


Tonya - October 13

Jules, I took a HPT and it was a BFN. Not only did I do it once, but twiceand again it was negative. Went to the doctor(10/13) and was tested neg, but af is two days late. BB's are so sore, slight cramping as if I have gas, dark line forming down the middle of my stomach, temps have been in the 98-99. few episodes of feeling dizzy, mouth watering like I'm getting ready to eat a salt and vinegar chip....any advice or tips? Doc told me to test again next week...My husband and I expecting it to be positive. comments welcome...


nell - October 13

I am honestly feeling a lot of similar symptoms and I hope it is not all in my head. how are you and DH doing now? He excited for the baby?


Jules - October 15

It is starting to sink in for both hubby and me that we will have a baby in just nine months! I've been researching like crazy, trying to find out all that I can!


to holly - October 15

What you wrote is very similar to what I experienced, even that soon. I suppose you might take a test before af is due, but the results won''t be as accurate. I would wait until you are late. I waited until I was two days late to test, and then when I did test it read positive in seconds. Testing too soon may read neg even if you are pg! I think it's only 60% or 80% (or something like that) if you test before your period is due. The closer you are to your period, the more accurate. Hope that helps Jules


to tonya - October 15

Your symptoms sound similar to mine--including the gas feeling. I've read that some women take longer for their homone levels to be detectable. So, heed your Dr.'s advice, and hopefully af won't show her ugly face!!! :) Keep us posted Jules


Heather - October 15

Jules: Well i havnt been on here in a few days but i jus read what you wrote to me. Well last night i wanted to take a hpt so i did. Well it was bfn. Well like 5 minutes after i took it i felt wet down there, went to the bathroom, blood. It was veryt light pink, i was thinking af is here, and then i was thinking it could be implantation bleeding. Well i just put a think pad on then woke up this morning went to the bathroom, nothing there. Peed and then wiped, and there was a little pink only when i wiped. Sat there for a sec wiped again and it was pink but a little redder. I wanted to go back to bed so i just put a regular tampon in. Got up 3 hours later, went to the bathroom, and and took it out, it wasnt FULL but there was some on there. and it was red. but not dark red.and usually my periods are dark red. Im cramping really bad now. Could this still be IB?! or do you think its AF?! I thought for sure i was pregnant because i have NEVER had those symptoms before. This is so weird and confusing!


to heather - October 15

hi! I just jumped on this site and read what you wrote. that bleeding could be implantation bleeding so if it happens again, don't use a tampon. one time wouldn't do any harm but they don't recommend tampons during early pregnancy. again, don't wig out time wouldn't do any harm



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