Christine Any Advice For Me

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Missy - December 17

Christine. You answer alot of questions on here and they're all good answers so I hope you can answer mine. I'm hopeful like everyone else on here. I had a period on 10/30, we had s_x several times during november and on 11/21 specifically. On 11/30 I got my "period" which was 4 days late. It was somewhat normal for the 1st day, I really needed only 1 pad for the day, then it was light the next day & spotted the next 2 days. Basically there when I wiped. My periods are usually heavy for the first 3-4 days, thenlighter the last 2. Anyway, I took an urine HPT on 12/8 & it came out negative. For the last 3 weeks or so I have been experiencing lower abdominal cramps and lower back pains. I am so emotional, all the time and get nauseaus very easily. I'm wondering if the test I took was too early and maybe the bleeding was implantation. I have a child and don't remember having these symptoms except for being really tired and having a cold which I also have now. What do you think? Any advice would be helpful.


Missy - December 17

I also forgot to mention that my b___sts are very tender and hurt. Technically, I'm not due for my period again until the 27/28


Missy - December 17

Thanks so much for your input.


Missy - December 27

Christine. Today is the day I'm due for my period. Nothing yet. I haven't taken a pregnancy test since the 8th. Still having some cramps on and off and lower back pain. My stomach feels and looks larger. It could be that I'm bloated because I'm due to get my period but I've been very emotional and tired every day and pretty much around the same time every day. I had this with my first child where I was exhausted every day. Also my b___sts are killing me, very sore & swollen. Do you think I should try to take another pregnancy test today or wait a few more days? I'm so confused.Please help! Anyone with advice?


Christine - December 28

I think that you should try to wait until this then you should definately get a positive...good luck


Nichole - December 28

Your symptoms and cycle sound very similar to mine! I'm not confirmed pregnant, yet, so don't know if I am... I have a very rare chance of being pregnant... hubby had a vasectomy 10 years ago. I will check back to see how it goes for you! You sound pregnant to me. :-) Good luck! I'm hoping for you!


Missy - December 29

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I got my period this morning so I'll have to keep trying and hope for next month. Thanks again & happy new year to you!



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