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Vivian - April 23

I have taken so many tests this week it is crazy. On Moday I took two Clear Blue Easy(not digital) tests and they both came out faintly positive. So I figured I would wait a couple of days and retest just to be sure. So two days later I took 2 EPT's (also not digial) and they both also came out faintly positive. So again I wasn't totally convined and decided that I was sick of the lines and so today three days later I tried Clear Blue Digital. BFN, I am so cufused. What is going on? I plan to take another Clear Blue Digital in the morning, but does anyone have any comments on these tests or my situation?


Vivian - April 23

I forgot to mention that af was due at the begging of this week.


Monique - April 24

Well Vivian, I have a similar situation....I am now 17 days late, and took 3 HPT (ClearBlue...not digital) so far this week. My last was taken this past Friday, and came up as a faint positive (same with past Tuesday's test). Went to Dr. on that Friday, took their urine test and Blood Test, both were negative....still no periods, but will test again maybe monday (tomorrow)....I am soooo confused and I will probably also change HPT brand for the next few times, just to see the difference.... Got any advice or something....keep me posted.....


stacey - April 24

well, either the different tests measure differnent amts of hcg, therefore you get a faint pos, and when you try the next test it's neg. Or you had an early m/c which happens. Check out to see what each test measures. Good luck!


Melissa - April 24

Hello, i was due for a period on march 28th. I took two test on april 3 and both were positive, took a blood test on the 4th and got results on 5 saying I was not preggo, I saw the dr on the 7th and said my uterus was not soft so did not think I was pregant. I got a peiod finally three weeks late, but was different than my regular ones, it was a little heavier than normal and it was alot shorter. I usually slowly stop and this time I just stoped. One minute bad, the next nothing. Weird for me. I have always been 28 never late and not real heavy and 5 to 7 days. I thought I had inplantation bleeding around the first period I missed. Guess I was wrong. good luck to all!


carly - April 24

I tried clear blue digital and got 1 pos. and 2 neg. All of the generics had a faint pink who knows?


Vivian - April 24

Well this morning I took another Clear Blue Digital, which of course came up BFN. Still not satisfied I got a First Response, still BFN. I am a__suming that I'm not preggo, but I still have no idea why I got 4 faint positives earlier this week. I'm not buying anymore tests though, I think I'll call my doctor in the morning. These things are soooo confusing, and they all claim to be quick and clear, 99% accurate. Yeah Right!!!!



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