Clear Blue Digital Anyone

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Mary Ann - May 31

Has anyone here used the clear blue digital before? My Af was due the 30th. I testes this morning, but the digital read came out -. Then I ejected the cartridge and looked at the blue line, and I swear the is another very very very faint blue line. Not enough for the digital part to pick up. Maybe I should go out and get a First response test.


Alison - May 31

I have heard you're not meant to look at the inside of the test as this can be misleading, you're meant to just read the digital display. I used it with my last pregnany (which unfortunately miscarried) and got a positive straight away. I am now pregnant again and this time just used a regular clearblue test having heard strange stories about the digital one! it worked fine and was as easy to comprehend. I have also heard some negative reports about the first response tests though as I have not used them myself I can't really comment on them. Of course your AF is only just due, and some women don't get their positive straight away. it may take a few days? Hope it turns into a BFP for you! xxx


sara - May 31

I used it. last week and got a pregnant reading. Yeah, you should'nt go by what the cartridge says, disregard that.


Mary Ann - May 31

ok thanx


amy - May 31

hello i used it but it came out pg then i m/c to but when i pulled out the stick it had 2 lines and when i went to dr and they said i was m/c but had no bleeding i came home and took another one it said not pg but pulled out the stick and it still had a light 2 line but my levels when i went to dr was only 6 and then i started the m/c the next day so i think maybe wait a couple days and do it again then you will get your bfp


colleen - June 1

the lines do not mean anything!! there have been pregnant women with 2 lines and pregnant women with one line. go too and click on "the secrets of the digital" and it will explain everything for you. these companies should know that us testers will always question what those lines mean and should not even let them be visible!!!


Teresa - June 1

I have use the clear blue the first time i was pregnat with my son last year. It was like that. i waited 2 days later and redone the test and i was pregnant. now my son is 9months old.


Stephie - June 1

DON"T READ IT>.. it tells you not to read it... and the oother line is for reference.. or detetecing about leuthal phase or somethign I forgot... but do nto read it..



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