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very very vey confused - April 19

Today I used a Clear Blue easy earliest results test and got a very faint blue line, did it again later on and got the same thing. Then I read on the internet that clear blue easy can sometimes have a grayish background where the line should be and that should not be interputed as a positive result. So then I was confused and went and bought a First Response early pg test it came up neg. Now I'm really confuse. They are suppose to have the same sensitivity level, so why would one be pos. and one be neg? If anyone has any comments on these test I would sure appreciate it. Thanks!!!!


littleearsx - April 19

Me, 2, xcept didn't test w/Clear Blue. I'm 17dpo, just posted for grandpa viv, but no1 answer me. Due for AF last Saturday, going on2 four days late. Tested w/first response early @ 14 dpo & 17 dpo, both BFN. Read somewhere on internet that first response famous for false negatives??? I've got symptoms but no AF? Yet?? Any1 take BFN then later get BFP or I'm late, too?


Lenore - April 20

I took a First Response Pregnancy test the day before af was due and got a bfn, 5 days later with a different test (ept certainty) it was bfp.


Jules - April 20

Hey Gals. Go to for info on the various tests and their reliability. They even have pics that could be useful. All the best xxxxx


Lissa - April 20

I read that too about a grey line but I thought it only shows up after the allotted (sp) time. I got a faint positive the next morning on mine too. I had left it on the counter and when I got up the next morning I noticed it. But when I tested the day before it was BFN I am in the same boat you're in and it stink doesn't it! So confusing! The only thing I can say is test again in a week. That's what someone suggested to me. Good Luck!


angela - April 20

I took First Response pregnancy test at night and got a two pink lines then next morning took another one and it was negative???? Did anybody ever had that.


very very very confused - April 20

These tests sure are a pain. It's also very confusing when all the websites on pg test sensitivity says something different about the sensitivity on the tests. My ++ with Clear Blue did come up immediately though and this morning I looked at it and it was an even darker blue so I feel pretty confindent, but there is still that little doubt in my mind so I guess I'll just retest in a couple of days. By then I should have even darker lines. I hope.


Karli - April 20

Angela- yes that happened to me, what does that mean? Aren't your HCG level suppose to be higher in the morning? What is going on here? Can anyone please explain this to me??? I'm going crazy!!!


Angela - April 20

Karli-That is what i thought. I have an app tomorow for sonogram, so i'll keep you posted.


katie - April 21

I tried first response, and generic walmart brands, with the pink lines. Faint pink and the next day darker. Finally took Clearblue digital cause I was sick of guessing..BFP!!


Karli - April 21

Angela- how did your sonogram go? I'm dying to know.



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