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JDD - April 14

My husband and I are TTC - I had my period 19 days ago - I believe I already O - unsure of my body right now due to being on the pill for a while (been of 6 months) anyway I've never had this clear cervical fluid - feel like I wet my pants - a little bit of a headache too. Won't know until 4/26 - 4/27 when af is due. Can anyone give me some insight?


b - April 14



Lenore - April 15

How do you know for sure that you ovulated already? I was on the pill for 12 years and since I have been off, my body has been totally out of wack. I ovulated this month 2 days after my af. The clear fluid (is it like egg white) sounds like Ovulation to me?


JDD - April 19

Lenore, I'm a__suming I ovulated already - I have been off the pill for 6 months and have had consistent periods for those 6 months 28/29 days - which I just a__sumed meant my body was up to spead - I was hoping that I O sometime between when my period ended and when this watery discharge started - we have bd every other day since it ended. I guess you're right - maybe I ovulate very very late. It is clear no egg white at all.


Jen - April 19

JDD, I also have a clear discharge and that feels like I wet my pants. I have never had it before. I need to wait a few more days to do a hpt. I have never had anything like this before. I will let you know the results.


Jen - April 19

Did I mention, I never had this before? I realized I typed the same thing twice after I sent it. I needed to acknowledge it so I didn't look like a putz.


Lenore - April 19

JDD, do you have any other signs of preganacy besides the discharge? I am also due on the 27th and have been having some signs. The wait is just killing me. I will be so disappointed if I get my af this month. (had a mc 3 months ago and want this pregnancy so badly). Please keep me posted!!!


JDD - April 19

Hi No other symptoms really. Have some pinching/pressure across my abdomine - had a terrible headache last week but it has subsided. I was thinking that since I'm a 28/29 day cycle I should be getting af around the 24th - I hope this is it for me too. I remember when I had my son, a long long time ago, I had no pregnancy symptoms at all. I actually wouldn't have known I was pregnant if it hadn't been for missing af. I will pray that this is your month. I've never had a m/c but can only imagine how hard it must be. It will be nice to have someone to wait with - baby dust for both of us. Jenn, I wish I knew what it was. I have had no egg white/gooey discharge at all so I'm hoping it's because we got prego at the right time. Good luck with the hpt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you - baby dust to you!


JDD - April 19

Okay - I checked this afternoon - it's no longer clear - it's white (looks like a cooked egg white) it's not thick though. What is this?


jena - April 19

if I were you, I'd BD tonight and continue to every other day until it's time for AF, because I randomly ovulated really late in Feb. and felt it - just wet like you girls, and got pregnant with twins... so have fun tonight because you could be ovulating late :) good luck!


dani - April 19

Hi, I'm waiting as well to find out if I'm pregnant. My af is due on the 27th of April. I'm having symptoms of pregnancy, but still unsure. I have more visible veins in my b___bs and oddly enough my pelvic area?? Is that normal? My b___bs have been hurting since the 13th of April. Does it sound like pregnancy????


JDD - April 20

Jena, are you saying that white discharge is O? Do a lot of people ovulate 5 days before they're supposed to get af or are you saying that af is going to be really late because I ovulated yesterday? If that's the case won't it be so late that I miss the month of April altogether? I hope that's not the case I hope it doesn't come at all for other reasons.


Lenore - April 20

Honestly, I am so confused with the discharge. I really don't think it's the most accurate way to tell? JDD keep me posted, I will be praying for you!!


erica - April 20

JDD- Im having the same problem. I been ttc for 3 months and my last af was on 3/30. I think I ovulated on the 4/12. I been having alot of creamy discharge and alot of back pain. I really hope it's a sign of being pregnant.


JDD - April 20

Hi girls, I honestly wish it was easier to get pregnant. This is all so crazy - years ago when I didn't want to become pregnant - of course I did - that's because I was a teenager - now as a grown women in her late 30s with a great husband - NOTHING. My cycle runs 28-29 days so I should hopefully know something by Sunday or Monday. I don't feel any differently right now - other than some pinching across my abnomin; a little lower back pain and I'm a little tired right now - all which could be related to af coming as well as maybe being pregnant. I hope to God this is IT!! I'll keep everyone posted. Baby dust to everyone.



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