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Lauren - March 12

Hi. I've been ttc unsuccessfully for around 18 months, I have PCOS and my gyno has advised I try clomid. The only real problem I have is that I don't always ovulate, and although AF comes every month, the number of days vary slightly each time (dec - 28) (jan - 30) (feb - 28) (march - 26) etc so pinpointing it (if it comes!) can be hard. I don't exactly know how safe/reliable clomid is though? Has anyone with my symptoms ever tried it before and did it work for you? I'm nervous to try because I know they can only give it to you for 6 months, and if that doesn't work, I'm not sure what the next step would be? My gyno has only said we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. Any input/advise would be wonderful.


Nica - March 12

HI, I got pregnant on my fourth month of Clomid. I would definitely use it again! Unless you are monitored well you don't know when you ovulate and I found that when I did get pregnant I had ovulated much much later than I would have expected, so my advice to you is go like rabbits ALL the time to make sure you do it at ovulation time! Good luck, I have PCOS which is why I was prescribed it, and it worked for me!


willing to help - March 12

my doctor gave me clomid and it worked great for me i know have a healthy happy baby boy, all you have to do is count your cycle the docs can tell you how and then take the pill when you think you should be ovulating, clomid increases ovulation so it will help.


michelle - March 13

try infertility forum, your get more info there!


cara - March 13

hi lauren i just finished my first round of clomid and we find out on thurs. if it worked. it is safe i have pcos also. the side effects can be a little ruff, abdominal pain mood swings but it will pa__s. my cycle is screwy too i am going to talk to my dr. when i see her i'll let you know what she says god bless and good luck


jb - March 14

anyone get lots of clear mucus on clomid


Lil - March 14

I just found this site which may be helpful.. - Cached... Good luck baby dust to all.


Jamie - March 14

I am wondering if I have PCOS. How do they diagnose this????



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