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Meghan - April 1

Has anyone had luck with Clomid? How many cycles did it take? I'm on my first try, desparate to find some assurance!


jb - April 2

Hi me and my mate from this borad used clomid in Feb it was our first month on 50mg and we are both 5 weeks preg now!!! Its a god send!!! Im still in shock but hoping i dont loose this baby as m/c 6 months ago!!!! Any questions i will try and help! Word of advise take at night so u sleep threw side effects xxx


Shannon - April 2

Hi, I was just wondering what exactly clomid is and in what stage of TTC do you use it? Have you guys been trying for a long time? Your doctor just gave it to you? I was also wondering if it costs anything and if so how much? Thanks for the help!


jb - April 3

i went to doc's said i been trying 4 a year and nothing he sent me to hopsital to see a gyno who gave me 5 months of clomid! Its free and its the best thing ever thanks to clomid im preg just hope baby sticks this time xx


best - April 3

does this clomid have any side effects, like weight gain, stress..etc. I think it is some I am sure they have got side effects


Meghan - April 5

Hi All! Thanks for the stories, I am very hopeful! We have been TTC since last summer, and my dr put me on Clomid after the first month with him didn't work. So I am hoping that Clomid gives me more eggs this time. After the Clomid ended on Friday, he instructed me to have a Hystosalpinogram, which I had yesterday (yuk). Thursday I go in for a post coital, ultrasound to see if I am ovulating and blood work. Can't wait! I was scared about teh cost of Clomid, but my insurance covered it!! I only had to take a total of 7 pills. My dr told me they are about $5.00 a pill normally,so it's not thatexpensive otherwise. I had absolutly NO side effects, except for maybe some hot flashes. No weight gain, sleepiness, etc. I took it b4 bed and one time I woke up and was dizxzy, but that was it. It was nothing like when I was on Progesterone like last month, that was a killer. Thanks to JB for the wordds of hope!


emily - April 5

i wonder if my gyn will prescibe me it when I go for my tests??


jb - April 6

I wish u girls hope it worked 4 me so it will work 4 u xxxx I have since found out i have a heart shaped uterus so i have something new to worry about haha xx


Meghan - April 6

At little more history about the dr putting me on Clomid, since we've been TTC for awhile and my cylces were raning from 27-36 days, so it was impossible to predict ovulation. He noticed I was ovulating last month on day 21, so he said he would put me on progesterone and see if it woked this month. It didn' he wantss to cut down my ovulation time so that's why he put me on Clomid. So now I will know when I am ovulating and have a regulated cycle. If you have what I have, OR, you have regular cycles and you just aren't getting pregnant, he will prob put you on it. It gives you more chances of being pregant. They are going to do some test too, thought, like an ultrasound, boloodwork and a post coital. Then they may ask for a hysto, which is good b/c apparenttly it cleans out your tubes...let me know if you have more questions!


Megs - April 6

JB - Thaks for the well wishes!! best of luck for your pregnancy....I hope it works for me! What are the risks of a hear shaped uterus?


jb - April 7

Hi Megs - I have only researched this info on my uterus as doc or gyno have not explained it yet!!! It gives a higher chances of m/c (already had one at 51/2 weeks) u have a chance of going into premie labour as uterus cant hold out 4 long more chances of poorly babies as the uterus can squash them to tight xx


jenn - May 20

had another question?...I took my first round of clomid this month and had cramps really bad through ovulation is this normal? My dr said it is but, has anyone else had bad crmping and is it a good or bad sign? I don't know yet if it worked or not just trying to figure out my weird body!


DMR - May 20

This is my first month on it so I don't know yet. I was instructed to take two 50MG every day. I took them together in the morning. So How many cycles are you on it Meghan? I see JB is pregnant after 1 cycle is that correct? Also, I didn't really have any side effects so I hope thats a good sign. Hope to hear back soon.


kay - May 21

Clomid is used for the treatment of short luteal phase defect, yes? I've read that a slp defect can be responsible for miscarriages as the placenta takes over lutenising hormone production at 7 weeks. When would these miscarriages occur? I had a miscarriage where the baby stopped developing at 10 weeks and have just discovered now that my luteal phase is a little short. Could it be responsible for my miscarriage at 10 weeks or is this too late for that to be responsible? Thanks!


DMR - May 23

I have other concerns about Clomid. Does anyone know if it is that effective for someone in their early 40's. I read that it really isn't the best option for older women? I am thinking of taking it another month but skeptical if I am wasting my time or not. Thanks. Please respond with comments. Donna


Michele - May 23

I believe it depends on each individual person. I took it for 6 months and nothing.


Alana - May 23

Hey all i took clomid for a few months too, the only thing it did for me was cause huge cysts on my overy. the doctor says im ok and still have kids but i have such a weird body, having extra hormones cause me to produce cysts in my body, so im stuck TTC without fertility pills.



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