Clomid 1st Time This Cycle Hoping For A BFP

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Paula - June 21

I started taking Clomid 100 mg on days 4-8 this cycle, but I don't have any of the symptoms that I was advised that could experience. I have one more dose left, so should I be concerned if I will o this month. I spoke with the doctor and she said it is still okay. Anyone out there who got a BFP on first cycle, or had any symptoms, or just want to join and wait with me? I will expect to o between 6/28-6/30.


Lesley - June 21

I was on Clomid 150mg for 8 months and just found out I was pregnant. Three out of the 8 months I did'nt have a cycle, so I had to take Provera and have a cycle then I started Clomid. I thought for sure this month I was doing the same no symptoms of my cycle until I missed my period. Then I started cramping real bad like I was going to start but the Dr. Says everything is fine. So when I took Clomid I never felt like I was going to start my cycle. It just made me feel moody. GOOD LUCK!!!


Paula - June 21

Thanks so much Leslie for you reply. I don't have a problem starting my menses, it is just I am not o every time. I thought I would have symptoms, like they advise. I am hoping that this is enough since last year was the last time I took Clomid 50mg on the last dose before I o. The doctor increase the dosage to see if it would cause me to o. Hoping it work. How many months are you? Good Luck!!!


Lesley - June 21

This is my second pregnancy, with my 1st child now 4 I had to take Clomid, but it only took 1 month of the fertility treatment for me to get pregnant. This pregnancy I was one Clomid for 8 months and still showed no signs of o, my progesterone levels were very low indicating I did not o. So May I had a ultrasound to test my follicles, and he said the clomid responding told me what to do and now I am 5 weeks pregnant. So I never had symptoms like i was going to start cause I was not o, when he increased my Clomid to 150 I started o like i was suppose to .. Good Luck with everything


Paula - June 21

Lesley, when did you have your u/s? What day of your cycle? Did you take any blood test to see if your progest levels went up or only the u/s? I have to take a blood test on day 12 of my cycle to see if my levels are up and if I would definitely o this cycle. I just want to know? What days did your doc tell you to bd after the last pill? Thanks so much for all of the insight. Good luck with your pregnancy!


Lesley - June 22

Paula, I had an u/s on day 12 of my cycle the Dr. stated the clomid responded according to my follicles. Then he said you can go home and have fun. Days 12-16 was when he told us to, then on Day 21 I went for my progesterone test and my levels were 51 after the past few months of levels at 0.8 and 1.2 never got higher with the clomid until May. It will all work out for you Good Luck!!!


Paula - June 22

Thank so much. I am not scheduled for a u/s but I am schedule for the progesterone blood work on day 12. Do you think that is the same? I want to call my doctor's office to see if the u/s would be better than taking the blood. Any reply would help, thanks.


Paula - June 28

Update:: I went to the doc on yesterday, I have mature follicles. I responded well to the Clomid. So here's to bding everyday. I could o anytime between Thurs and Friday. I am feeling good. My cervix is med-high soften, and sl open. My cm is wet and thin,cloudy. EWCM is on the way. Hope I get a BFP this month. Doc told me to test on 7/13 and she will see me on the 15th to confirm my pregnancy. I said I like that way you are speaking. If anyone have any questions about the Clomid, I will try to answer.


* - June 28

what is BFP


dee - June 29

I am on my first round of clomid myself. I found out i have polycystic ovaries after trying for 8 months.I had hot flushes and was really thirsty whilst taking the tablets. Then a week later I was very moody. I argued with everyone. I took the tablets day 2-6.The doctor told me to bd between 13-18 but i started on day 10 just in case. Hopefully i ovulated between 6/25 and 6/30.The problem that I have is that i had the milky cm but dont think that i got the EWCM. Do you guys think that is a problem? Has anyone had this? The feeling i am getting is like af is coming but it would be tooo early. Could this be a sign of ovulation or early pregnancy?


Paula - June 29

Hi Dee, I didn't get any s/e of the Clomid. How many mg did you get. I have also had cramping on my side, but it is just ovarian pain, o is probably tomorrow or Friday for me. So I will be busy. I know that Clomid can change the cm, but my doc told me to make sure that my dh penetrate deeply (tmi) and try to help by having an orgasm as well. So here's to trying. I am now on day 15. I usually ovulate between day 16-19. I will bd until probably day 21. So here's to bding the rest of this week. I know that after you take you last pill you should o 5-8 days after and you should expect your af if not successful 3 weeks to the day of the last pill. I know that I should o most likely on day 16 or day 17. Last month I o on day 17. I am trying to bd as close to my o day, because I want a boy and I have researched that boy sperm swim faster, but are short lived. While girl sperm swim slower, but can lived longer even days longer that boy sperm. So I have been trying to bd as close to that time. I am doing the OPK test with the Dollar Tree brand. My first day I didn't get a line which was Monday. On yesterday I did get a slight line but not the OPK+, so I know o is around the corner. Baby dust to you!!!! For *, BFP stands for BIG FAT POSITIVE ON THE HPT (HOME PREGNANCY TEST)!!!!!!!!!!


lesley - June 29

Hey Paula.. I got your message and I hope that it works out for you. I did the same in May i had an u/s and the doctor stated the clomid responded and the follicles were mature and during ovulation i got pregnant... SO GOOD LUCK!!!!!


Paula - June 29

Thanks so much Leslie. I will let you know if I get a BFP. She told me I can take a test on 7/13. So I am really pysch about that. The anticipation is just wonderful.


dee - June 30

Hi Paula. I am on 50mg this month.Yesterday I had the period pain symptoms,today i had pain in my uterus-deep and low. I was trying to read up on implantation pain but couldnt find much. Can you get the implantation pain without the spotting?


Paula - June 30

Hi Dee, you can experience implantation pain without bleeding. I have heard that sometimes when a woman is in tune with her body she can actually feel discomfort during embedding. What cycle day are you on? Do you use OPK kits and/or BBT to see if you o? I have been using the kit for the OPK and BBT and I have not o yet. I am on day 16 which I usually o on day 17-19. I know that it is around the corner. Baby Dust to you!!!!!!!!!!! Keep me posted!


dee - July 1

I am on cd 19 today. No more pain though. Yesterday was really bad for me. Today I feel like a new woman. My nipples are starting to hurt. I hope its not because af is around the corner. My back is also hurting.I dont chart or use OPK's. Just trying my luck. If nothing happens this month, next month i will be taking robitussin as i dont think i had the ewcm.


Paula - July 1

Hope it all works out for you. I am on CD17 and I will be extremely busy this weekend. So baby dust to you and enjoy the weekend.



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