Clomid Club 2006 Part 5

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tonia - April 26

Here we go again! BABY DUST to all of us!


SJF - April 26

Wow Tonia I did not know he was that old? How old are you again? Becca- when are you going to test again? I am really excited for you! I just took a little nap and it felt really good. I still have 2 hours of work left.


nicole nelson - April 26

Hi I found you all again. Good to hear everyone is doing good.


tonia - April 26

SJF, I am 31..............I love naps too, but they tend to make me grumpy ; )


staci - April 26

Hello everyone! I just started clomid today, Becca said you all were a great bunch of ladies so I thought i'd come on over and intoduce myself and wait out this 1st cycle with you all if it is ok? I've been ttc for a year with cycle's bouncing from 24-37 days, so finally made an appt. for yesterday and I am now so relieved that I finally went..The dr. told me exactly what days to bd on so i feel that this cycle will be a little less stressful..Is anyone close to testing besides Becca? Becca I'm starting to get nervous for you! Take care all!


tonia - April 26

Welcome Staci! I am on CD 17 and waiting for O! I am on my 3rd cycle of CLomid 100mg's and I will be doing IUI this month for the first time..........I hope this works, fingers xx's!


Hannah B - April 26

Welcome Staci. I hope this first round of clomid for you brings you a BFP in the end. I am currently on CD26 and will not test until May 4th. So I'm getting abit anxious. This is my second round of clomid and the side effects have been very minimal. What day of your cycle are you on?


Beks37 - April 26

Twiddling is the 3rd day after the progesterone. I am due to start af today or tomorrow. I'm so excited to be able to start trying. I'll start clomid this month!


staci - April 26

Thanx everyone for you welcome. I am on cd 5, so i still have a way to go! My af could be due anywhere from May20-29. The longest cycle i've ever had is 37, i'm not sure what clomid will do as far as how long my cycle will be..When do you all start your clomid? cd3 or 5? for the ones who start it on 5 what cd do you usually O? My dr. told me i would prob. O the 8th day after stopping the pill so that would be cd17...Also has it made your lp longer? Mine is only 12 days so if it makes it longer I may have longer to go this cycle yet! Tonia this could be your month! my info on clomid says that pg is usually successful on the 3rd or 4th ovulatory cycle! Hoping you prove the statistics right! Hannah you don't have long to go! I know i don't know any of you but i always get so excited for everyone! I've known Becca from a previous thread we were on since last August. Anyway, I haven't had any side effects yet, took 1st my pill 1st thing this morning, hoping that as the days go on I don't develop any! Beks have fun trying this month! :)


Becca - April 26

Hi girls, I almost didn't find you over here! LOL! Geez, Staci, it's been a long time for us, huh? Hopefully we'll both get pg right away and then we can obsess over the different stages of pregnancy together!!! My cramps are starting to get a bit heavier, and I'm so scared. I run to the bathroom every hour, but so far no red...just the clear goopy stuff. This is fun because we have all different people at all different stages in our cycles. It will keep things interesting! I'm off to bed for the night. See ya in the morning!


Becca - April 26

Oh, and tonia, thanks for starting a new thread. We really needed it!


twiggy - April 27

I found you guys! Today is cd 24, 9 dpo for me. I have felt a little nauseous still but the flu is going around again so I am probably getting that. Yesterday I had sharp twinges in my lower left side a couple of times. Oh and my b___bs are still killing me! I keep going through that phase, one minute you swear your pg, the next get all down in the dumps cause deep down you know your not. This sucks ladies! Hanna we are only 2 days apart on our cycle! How are feeling? ANy symptoms? Hi Staci! Becca, are you going to test again?? baby dust to all *~*~*~*~*~*


Becca - April 27

Morning Ladies. Well, I made it to 17 dpo with no AF. I didn't test this morning because I finally told dh that I was late and he wanted me to wait to test becaue he didn't want me to get all depressed again if it was a bfn. I might be tempted to test on the sligh, though. hee-hee! So, twiggy, when are you going to test? I know the phase you are in now. That's all that constantly flows through my head all day. "I am, I'm not, I am, I'm not....." I'm surprised more of us don't end up in the looney bin! So has anyone found and research that says how long clomid can make your lp? I would think not more then 3 extra days, right? Has anyone heard anything about this from their Dr/RE?


Anna B. - April 27

Good morning! Welcome to the clomid club Staci! It sounds like we are about at the same point in our cycle. Today I am on cd 7. This is my 4th cycle on Clomid. I was taking 50mg for 5 days and now I am taking 100mg for 6 days. I am also going to use opks for the first time this month and my doctor wants me to go in for a post coital test around ovulation. I'm really hoping this is the month because I'm getting tired of having to go to the doctor all of the time to test things. Becca - you've gotta test! I don't know how you're holding out. I understand about the fear of being depressed though. Let us know how it goes. How is everyone else doing???


nicole nelson - April 27

Anna may I ask what a post coital test is?


Anna B. - April 27

Tonia - I haven't had one before but this is what the doctor said . . . you have to bd in the morning and then come to the office and they check your cm and your dh's swimmers to make sure everything is okay. Some others on here may have had one before and give some first hand knowledge. That's all I know about it.


SJF - April 27

Good Morning all! Welcome Staci! Anna - you are right about the post coitial test. They just check out how your dh's swimmers are doing. I am on the same cd as you Staci. I am on cd5. Cool! Becca do you normally have a set cycle, I mean do you know if you are really late or not? I was so tired this morning, I did not want to get out of bed. Becca do you have any af cramps or any pain at all? I'm excited for you!



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