Clomid Club Part 10

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soimpatient - June 25

So the question is...who's month will it be, to get the coveted BFP!???


soimpatient - June 25

I really, really hope its mine!! (and yours) I love you girls! Let's start round 10!


staci - June 25

Ding Ding Ding! Round 10 started! I'm glad you started a new thread! It gets so long very fast! Kelly, I am so glad you had such a wonderful relaxing time! Awww, that sounds good! I love camping. Ds is now old enough to enjoy it also, hopefully we will go on our 1st camping trip together soon! Dh and I have gone numerous times..Anyway, Kelly you would count friday as 1dpo, so today you are 3dpo(almost 4 yayy!) I can't believe I will be in the 2ww again soon! In about a week, time goes by to fast! Angela, I like your poem! Well hopefully we will find out soon if becca or meadow will be the long has it been since bing found out? 2wks? Bing if you're out there Hello! and hope you are doing well! Tonia hope you are feeling ok(((hugs))) from all of us! Hey Anna, how are you? where have you been all weekend? hope everything is ok. I was just thinking "hmm, so much for me not chatting as much!" I forgot all about that already! I think i will make that take affect when i have comfirmed O, maybe not chatting as much during the 2ww will make it easier? Anyway, good night!


Kelly11 - June 25

Angela I love your poem too! Thank you for starting a new thread for us! And I agree---I really hope it's all of ours, that BFP!!! Wouldn't that be awesome?? Staci I can't wait for you to join me over in this 2ww and I always try to write less in the 2ww but it actually seems to help me more to keep in contact more often...but that's just me (and I don't want you to stop writing ; ). lol. And of course I really hope Angela that you come and join us in the 2ww also!!! It's just so hard to stay off this dang site...oh well, I just love you girls and am so glad I found this thread! (sorry for the cheesiness, i'm going to blame it on the hcg shot and clomid : ) Night night girls, I'll talk to you in the a.m.


meadow - June 25

wow girls. I caved. I have the faintest line on a dollar tree test. you can barely see it, but it is pink. I began to see it about 3 minutes after I dropped in the pee. I'm so afraid its not real and get my hopes up. bleh. I'm so nervous now I feel like puking. : (


soimpatient - June 26

Wow Meadow! That's awesome!!! So, are you reading it as a bfp??? Are you going to take another test? Well, it looks like this thread is off to a good start! As for myself, I'm getting really bored. I haven't been in the tww in forever! Staci, don't stop chatting! We will miss you in here! Have a good day ladies!


Maren - June 26

Meadow, that is great. I hope it is a BFP. Your cycles sounded like mine. I would either have 30 day cycles or 37or38. It was really frustrating. Do you take soy capsules? Temps went down a bit today to 97.3, I hope it is just a fallback and while continue rising. I didn't sleep well at all last night, this makes me so nervous.


Anna B. - June 26

Hi girls! I couldn't log on to my computer all weekend. I had to unplug everything b/c we got a new desk for the room we are making into our "office" at home and we had to a__semble it. Hopefully I'll get everything put pack together tonight. I guess I'm on cd 8 - I'm confused though b/c I started spotting just slightly (only when I checked internally) three days before AF actually started - SO . . . should I count the first day of spotting or when AF started for real as day 1???


Becca - June 26

Good morning Ladies! Thanks for starting a new thread! Man, we fill those up quickly, don't we? Anna, you should count the first day of a real flow as cd 1, not the spotting days. Meadow, wow, that is SO exciting!!!! I hope you tested again with fmu! Let us know!!! I tested yesterday with the dollar store test and it was CLEARLY bfn, so no getting my hopes up. I still don't have AF -- YET -- but I really feel like she's gonna show at any moment. I have all this pressure down there. Staci, how are the 100mg of clomid going? I really hope it works for you! I have some work to do, so I'll check back in later.


Becca - June 26

Ok, I was right. AF showed about a half hour ago. This really sucks. So much for opks giving you a window. I'm about ready to give up on this whole process.


Becca - June 26

So, I just got off the phone with the fertility specialists. It looks like I can go in for my first consultation and that will be covered by insurance. They worked out a plan, since my insurance doesn't cover anything further, so I can get my ultrasounds and bloodwork at a discounted rate. I'm scheduled for my first visit on July 10th, which is exactly 2 weeks from today. I feel a little better just knowing that I'm going to be going. I really feel like there has got to be something wrong with me, and I'd just like to know what it is.


Anna B. - June 26

Becca - I know how you feel. I'm going to have to go an RE if this cycle isn't successful. We are going to try to do the IUI but I'm afraid the timing won't work since I think I should O July 4th and the office is closed. I'm hoping the IUI will overcome the fact that dh's SA results showed a low number. He's suppose to go to the urilogist this week. I feel like giving up sometimes too but I know I never will b/c I want a child too bad.


Anna B. - June 26

TONIA - I just read back over the posts from this weekend and I saw your post about the tissue on the tampon. I had the exact same thing last month. Mine felt like skin too. It wasn't stretchy but I could rip it apart. I really wondered if that meant that I was pg for a short period of time and never know it b/c I didn't test. I'm sorry you were not pg this time. I know this is so frustrating.


soimpatient - June 26

Hi girls, I just read a post regarding jeanette and her pregnancy...I heard that she lost all 3 babies :( I can't even imagine how devastated she must be! The only thing worse than not being able to conceive (in my opinion) is conceiving and losing your baby. I cried when I read this. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair. SInce Jeanette always prayed for us, I think we should pray for her too :(


kvilendrer - June 26

Hello all. Can I join the wait? I haven't ovulated yet...i'm on cd8. Congrats meadow! Good luck. And hopefully there will be a bfp in my near future (and everyone else's)! Good luck everyone!


BabyFever - June 26

Hey Girls! I'm excited to have found ya'll, thanks to Staci! This is my first month on Clomid (50mg 5-9) and I have soooo many questions. AF arrived the 5th of June, I think I ovulated 19-20th, so that would put me 6dpo, right? So one of my questions is when is the earliest I could test?


nicole nelson - June 26

Hi ladies. Nothing new for me.



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