Clomid Club Part 6

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Bing - May 5

Let's get some BFP's on this thread girls!! ~~~Baby Dust~~~~


tonia - May 5

Okay! To add to my excitement and/or stress, I have been feeling alot of pinching and twinges today, some travel into my left leg and the bb's are still feeling like thety have a ton of electricity shooting through them! Fingers x'd for Tonia! BABY dust to all of us!


Bing - May 5

Tonia - fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for you!!! I had that pinching feeling started around 2 dpo. I've had AF type cramps the last two days but today I noticed that the cramping felt more "localized" rather than that feeling of general crampiness. Does that make sense?


staci - May 5

YYYAAAAYYYYY! an new thread! that last one was sooooo loooonnngggg! Tonia great news! I bet you are just about to burst with the mixed emotions of "am i?" or "am i not?" can't wait to find out! Bing, I am so excited that we (sorry you) might know something tomorrow! No, my dr. isn't going to do tests until my 4th month if i don't concieve..he was pretty optimistic that it will work for me(guess that's why he wants to wait on testing) Anyway, yeah, my discomfort is increasing..i have felt sick all day-very nauseous(i get that way, but not so intense, before O) and i feel like i'm going to have major diarrhea, but nothing comes out(i know tmi!)-it's just all this pressure...It makes me feel better to know that other people have had the same things(or most of them) than the more pressure you have the more follies huh? cool! i might end up with triplets! seriously don't know what i'd do if that happend! I told dh that with clomid there is a small chance that we could have twins and he said that he would cry! I hesitated to tell him at 1st because i thought that he wouldn't want me taking it....anyway i think it will be soon because my cervix is softening...ok ladies, have a good night! and everything is crossed for you two!


Becca - May 6

Hi Ladies! Bing and Tonia, I am so excited for you both!!! When will you be testing??? Staci, you sound like you feel exactly how I felt on the clomid. Right before O was soooooooooo painful!!! Then it completely vanished overnight. Don't worry too much about twins. They are more common if you take the clomid on days 3-7 and then it's only a 10% chance. Today is cd 7 and AF is still kind of hanging around with a little brown spotting here and there. AF was sooooo bad this month with tons of cramps and clotting (sorry, TMI) that lasted much longer then usual. Ug! I guess it was from the clomid and being so late. I am actually happy to be taking the month away from the clomid. My normal cm has returned, and I'm getting the feeling that I might O a little bit earlier this month. I didnt get the bid on that clear blue fertility monitor. Someone outbid me at the last minute - that bugger! I guess I'll have to try again.


Bing - May 6

Good morning girls! Well, it's 14dpo and my temp was at 98.7 again this morning. I'm cautiously optimistic but the dr. said this morning that progesterone would cause the increase in temps and no I guess I shouldn't get too excited until the bloodwork is back this afternoon. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! Becca - I decided not to test with a hpt this month because I just didn't want to be disappointed in seeing a BFN...I'm going to wait to hear it from the dr. instead. Dumb, I know...but somehow I feel less anxious this way. I'll check back in later when I hear something! Enjoy the day ladies!


staci - May 6

Becca, that's c___ppy! you just gotta keep trying..are those monitors popular on e-bay? Dh is really good at bidding(he's an e-bayaholic) Towards the end of the auction time he sits there and just pushes refresh over and over again, cause those people sneak in there pretty quick..the auction could be over at 2pm and you bid at 148pm and someone sneaks there's in after yours..b___tholes! Man, af is still hangin out on cd7!? So are you getting some O pain or ewcm to make you think that you are going to O early? Yeah, I'm not to worried about the twin thing...And thanks for that info, definately won't be letting my dr. put me on days 3-7! Oh my temp. dipped .5 again this morning and my O pressure/pain is gone(over night). so I'm thinking I could be in the 2ww! we bd on tues. evening, thursday evening and this morning. Do you think that I we bd on good days? Well, gotta go and get ready for a Derby party(I live in Kentucky about 45 min from were Derby happens so it's a big thing around here!) bing good luck today! Take care everyone!


staci - May 6

Bing, I know what you mean, it's not dumb to wait and hear it from the dr..good luck, hoping to see some good news later today!


Bing - May 6

Well girls...just heard from the dr. and my results were negative. I had a long talk with my RE and I've decided to put ttc on the back burner for awhile as it's just getting too hard being disappointed month after month. I probably won't be logging on here as much but I just wanted to thank you all so much for the encouragement and I so wish for you all to get your BFPs really soon. Good luck and I'll check in from time to time....


Becca - May 6

Bing, I am so sorry to hear that! Do what you need to do. If you can put ttc on the backburner, that's great! You might just end up getting pg afterall! I tried to do that, but it didn't work. The need to conceive was too great for me. I wish I could put it on the back burner. I say I will every month, but then as soon as the ewcm starts to show up, I'm back in the game. Staci, yup, sounds like you've O'd! I hope the swimmers found their way to princess eggy! Have fun at the Derby party!!!


staci - May 6

Bing I am so very sorry....Like Becca I have tried putting ttc on the bottom of my to do list, but it just never happens! I hope you get the break you need..good luck and let us know how you are from time to time! Becca, I hope I O'd! I'll find out tomorrow I guess.. I like the princess eggy thing! How are you? af gone?


Bing - May 6

Thanks Becca and Staci - DH and I both had a good cry all afternoon as we were both upset about today's news...but we decided that for whatever reason it's not our time just yet. A few gla__ses of wine helped take the sting away too...I know that ttc will always be in the back of my mind...but maybe after a couple of months I'll be mentally ready to try again. It just so sucks to have your body fool you into thinking "This is it!" and then let you down the next minute. After a while, it really can take a toll on your I'm sure you all know! I've been ttc for almost over a year now so I'm just at my wits end. You try to put a brave face on but it's hard to fake after a while. You girls are so's nice to know that there's people out there who understand what you go through every month. Everyone I know is a "fertile myrtle" and the only advice they give is "to relax". So hate that. I'll be following your progress and being your behind-the-scenes cheerleader routing for that BFP! I'm wishing you all loads of baby dust!!!!


Beks37 - May 6

I am usually very dry-we always have to use lubricant-or else it is not a pleasureable experience for me. I need to be doing everything that I can to help this process along because I am not good at waiting. But, my mom was on clomid 7 months for her first and 12 months for me! I soooo hope it doesn't take that long-but if it does, then it does. I'll just be happy when it does. I have found some girls at work who are ttc. One is actively ttc and the other doesn't want to admit it openly yet-but I know she does. She already has one-she is the fertle myrtle type.


SJF - May 6

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't been on lately, dh and I went to Sedona for a vacation for 2 nights and got to relax. We had a great time. Bing- sorry about your news and please keep in touch once in a while with us all. We got to bd a lot it was a lot of fun. Sedona has a lot of mountains with really red rock and it was really georgeous. I am on cd 14. I did have some O cramping over the time we were gone, but we are still bd'ing. I will check in tomorrow.


Becca - May 7

Bing, I totally understand how you are feeling. Dh and I have been trying for 17 months with no succes, and every time AF comes it is devistating! I have gotten the news from 3 friends and 2 cousins in the last 2 months that they are all expecting. It jsut sucks and it is sooooooooo hard! Take the time you need, and before long you will be back in the game again! SFJ, glad you had a nice time in sedona. My parents were just there a couple of weeks ago and they said it was so beautiful! Staci, my AF is finally gone, and I've gone straight to ewcm. That is why I think I'm going to O on cd 13 or 14 this month. That is so great, becuase it is a few days before we move, so hopefully we will be able to get tons of bding in. Then we will move and I won't have to think about it. Enjoy your sunday all!!!


staci - May 7

Bing-yep i so hate the "relax" advice also! don't they think we tried that the 1st 6months! My dh did that to me everytime there for a while, he kept saying I needed to relax(everytime), so i finally went off on him and told him if he said that one more time i was going to slap him!(of course this was day one of one of my cycles so i was a little emotional! i wouldn't ever slap him!) But he has never said that again! now he gets peeved when someone says things like that! Becca, good deal! ..I hope you do O on time(before your move) so you won't be thinking about it as much..your 2ww will fly by! when are you moving? this week or next? Well, I feel like i'm never going to temp only went up .2 this morning :( and my pressure returned(but not as intense) yesterday evening...Maybe i will O when the dr. said I will(tomorrow)..oh well :( i don't know what to think...5 days of this pressure isn't fun! SJF, glad you had a good trip and got lots of bding in!


SJF - May 7

Hello everyone! Well today is cd 15 for me and really nothing new going on here. I am on my way to church in a couple of minutes. I hope everyone has a great day and I will check back later!



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