Clomid Club Part 13

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Beks37 - July 23

cd15 and still a neg opk. I compared it to last months and it was lighter than last month. I'm still having ewcm though, so maybe in the next couple of days. Sigh...I hate waiting!


soimpatient - July 23

Daina, sorry that you couldn't get your IUI in today...That must have been disappointing. Our poor DH's...I don't know how they can perform on demand...I mean, imagine if we had to orgasm in a doctor's office...there is NO way I would EVER be able to do is hard enough as it is;) sorry TMI! Anyway, Beks...I hear ya, the waiting sucks!! keep bd-ing just in case you miss your LH surge. Wow, it has been a really slow day on here...I guess everyone is missing Staci:(


Kelly11 - July 23

Hey girls! Hope everybody is having a great weekend...Tonia you better log on here soon and tell us you got your BFP so we can start a new #14 thread : ) pressure though! ; ). Angela what cd are you on and how have you been feeling? I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Oh Becca, do not feel so down on yourself about the emotions you are having with the person you know being pregnant. It is natural and in due time you will work through it! Keep your head up and stay strong girl...feel free to let it all out with us and know we are not going to judge you! We all understand how you feel : ). I really don't know where I am in my cycle, I know I am on cd 17, but other than that I am kinda clueless...I had a ton of cm on cd 14 so I am a__suming I am in the 2ww but I'm not really sure. That is okay though because this is the first month in a long time I have really felt at peace with's a daily struggle to keep grounded, but it's worth it. I am hoping and praying for all of you that your minds will let you be at ease as well. This is such a hard thing girls but I really think a lot of positive changes are on the way for all of us!!! Talk to you all soon : ) Staci we miss you!!!


soimpatient - July 23

Kelly, I admire your ability to let yourself enjoy life and let nature take it's course. I hope that you get a "surprise" BFP soon! I am on cd 12 and feeling okay. I've been having severe pains in my ovaries. Last night when DH & I had s_x it felt like he was knocking my hurt so bad! If I still have pain tomorrow I am going to call my doctor. I am worried that my ovaries might be over stimulated and I am also concerned because my doctor is not monitoring me via ultrasound. Has anyone else had pain in their comes and goes and it feels like pulling or sharp pains..not a dull af cramp though. Anyway, Kelly is right, Tonia better log on here's taking a long time to load this thread;) (plus I want to know what her HPT said)!!!


Becca - July 23

Hi girls, thanks for all of your support. Despite your affirmation, I still feel like an awful person. I know it's natural to feel this way, but it doesn't make it right. If I were the one who was pg, I would want otherts to be happy for me. I've been trying really hard not to think about it today. I'm just keeping myself busy with other things. I'm 10 dpo today, and not feeling any different then any other month, so my hopes are not too high. Daina, I know what you mean about it being hard for dh to perform on command. My dh was so good, but after a while, it just became impossible. I really can't fault him because I know I wouldn't be able to do it. Kelly, it's good that you are able to take the month off from worrying! Angela, still waiting to O? Tonia, we're all waiting to hear from you! Sorry, if I missed anyone. I'm out for the night! Talk to ya all tomorrow!


Becca - July 23

Angela, that is EXACTLY what happened to my ovaries the month I was on clomid. I had such bad pains, but they vanished overnight as soon as I O'd. At least you know it is working!!! :-)


ma2aiden - July 23

angela - my insides felt like they were being ripped out shortly after starting the clomid too, esp. when dh & i would bd - i wanted to die! i don't feel any pain though anymore - i guess like becca said, its since i ovulated which was yesterday.... thank god!!! what happened to tonia?? i hope she's got good news when she returns :)


Bing - July 23

Tonia....where are you??? Did you test today?! (hi girls! hope everyone is doing good!)


staci - July 23

Hello girls! So I just missed you all so much i had to stop in and say hi! Nothing going on, Af is gone already, pretty much finished on the 3rd day, and i'm having sharp cramps here and there(like O cramps), figure it's just prob .cysts or something, or maybe the forming of new follies already?! Anyway, Bing I am soo glad that you are feeling ok, but dh is right, you need to take it easy for a while. Your body needs rest and so does your mind. Hope you are still doing ok! Becca, I am so sorry literally everyone around you is pg! I mean, yayy for them, but I know how bad you must feel. I went to my cousins wedding yesterday and the DJ said that the couple had some news they've been waitning to share with everyone. I just new she was pg(because they have been talking about it), so naturally I got very upset and walked out before he announced what the news was. Turns out it's a trick that lots of DJ's play on people. The news was they wanted everyone to PARTY! My mom came out and said "Staci you can't get upset everytime someone gets pg" then she went on to tell me what they really said. I played it off and acted like I was just gettting deodorant out of my car! I felt so dumb! I told her I wasnt' upset, I knew they were planning to have a baby, so if that was the news I wouldn't have gotten upset! I'm sure she knew I was lying! So even though I knew they were going to start trying and I was happy for them if that was the news, I still couldn't help but get upset. You're not bad! Anway, Angela that is great news that your ovaries feel like they are going to bust! Mine get that way as well! I mean I can hardly bd! I have to literally clench my teeth and hold my breath because if I dont' I will scream out in pain! Then ds comes to the door and asks if I'm ok! He's done that one time, then came in(after we were done of course) and proceeded to hit daddy and said "you hurt momma!" To funny! So, it sounds like you may just be in the 2ww soon! yayyyy! Daina sorry things didnt' work out the way you wanted this time with the iui! Doesnt' mean that this cycle wasn't meant to be though! Tonia we are all awaiting your news! I hope it is good news! becca I can't believe you are already 10dpo! Man time flies! Kelly I'm glad that you are so at peace with things this cycle! I'm trying to do that! Anna how are you? Are you still going with iui this cycle? You are on cd 6 or 7 right? Won't be long! Hope you are doing well! Ok ladies I'm outta here! I will be back in a few days to check in on ya! Miss and love you all lots!


Bing - July 23

Staci! It's so good to hear from you! Just so you know, I would've walked out of the room just can't help how you react when you're in the situation we are all in! It's very emotional! See Becca, you're not alone! That was actually one of my first thoughts when I found out I was going to m/c...I was like, "great, who's going to get pregnant next in the family before me?" It was always so hard to hear while we were ttc but once we got our bfp it was like a huge relief that I didn't have to put on this "act" of being happy for people when all I wanted to scream was "when is it my turn?!" I know there are at least 2 couples in our family that are ttc so I'm really not looking forward to feeling this way again. Oh well, what can you do? At least I can drink wine again now. =) Did I tell you guys that when I was waiting in the hospital Friday a.m. that sitting directly across from dh and I was a girl that was at least 7 mos pregnant?! I tell you, they all seem to come out of the woodwork (pg women!) when you don't want to see them! Anyway, Staci - at least af was only 3 days, right? It sucks that she came to visit but at least she didn't stay long! Angela - you should definitely talk to your dr. about the ovary pain. Are they not doing u/s because of insurance reasons? I find that strange they aren't monitoring your follicle growth while on clomid by doing an u/s. I don't know, maybe my RE was test-happy since my insurance covers everything. If your ins. covers u/s then you should request they do one. They should at least be doing a u/s after each cycle of clomid to make sure you aren't developing cysts! Call you dr. tomorrow! Kelly - it's probably good you're not sure where you are in the'll be less stressful for you and never know...that's when good things can happen! Daina - sorry the IUI didn't quite work out but it sounds like you are right on target with the bd'ing so hopefully that will be all it takes! Well girls, time for bed! I'll check in with you all tomorrow! Tonia - I hope you are out celebrating a bfp!


Beks37 - July 24

Angela-last month when me and dh were bding it felt like his thing was hitting an ovary-it would just feel like a ton of pressure there. My dr is not monitoring me by ultrasound either, but I'm just seeing my obgyn and not an re. I have had some ewcm today, but not as much as I have had in previous months. Oh and girls I know how you all feel about seeing pg ladies. I see them everywhere!!!! It seems like everyone else but me can get pg. But, like I say...the third times a charm.


Becca - July 24

Good morning Ladies. Staci, it was great to hear from you. I would have walked out of the room too, and my mom would have probably said the same thing to me. They just don't understand how it hurts down in the core, and we (and everyone else around us) would be better off to not hear it and pretend like it never happened. Staci, with AF being so light and so short, are you SURE that you're not pg? I'm not trying to give you false hope, but I know you shouldn't take clomid if you are pregnant, so maybe you should take another hpt or consult with your dr before taking clomid again - just to be on the safe side. I have a qestion. If I O'd on Thursday night, would that make today 10 dpo or 11 dpo. I'm not sure how to count that one. My temp went back up to 97.6 today, but I didn't test this morning. I didn't even think about it when I woke up. I guess that's a good thing. Bing, maybe YOU'LL be the next one in you're family to get pg again :-) ! And this time it will be the other girls being jealous of you! You never know!!! I have a lot of work to get done today, so I've gotta go. Tonia, seriously, we promised to keep this thread until Sunday for you. Where are you girl?


soimpatient - July 24

Staci, it was really good hearing from you. I hope that you are feeling better. I agree with Becca, you might want to take an HPT just to be 100% positive that you are not pregnant. Becca, when are you going to test? I wish that I could forget about testing in the morning! I think about it even though I'm not in the TWW! HAHA! Tonia, we desperately need to start a new thread and we desperately need to know what your HPTs are telling you! I hope that you are not on this board because you are too busy spreading the good news to your family! I am thinking about calling my doctor because theins in my ovaries seem to be getting worse. I don't have EWCM anymore either which seems to be strange. I don't think that I have O'd yet cause my temp is still low. Tanya, what's new with you? Beks & Daina, it made me feel much better that I am not the only one having uncomfortable s_x on clomid. Geez, in case it isn't hard enough to get arouse while TTC, Clomid makes it painful! Well, I hope things get a little more exciting around seems like everyone's spirits are down a little...Lets keep our heads high and our eyes on the prize (BFP). Alright, this is really lame so I'd better get back to work before I say something even more corny!:)


Becca - July 24

Hi girls. Angela, thanks for the positive post. It does seem like everyone is a little down, doesn't it? I guess that's what happens when you go for too long with no bfps. We've been in a serious bfp drought. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to help too much. I tested on a whim about an hour ago and it was bfn. Very depressing, I know. I really hope Tonia comes back with some better news. Where is everybody today?


Anna B. - July 24

I've been feeling kind of depressed about everything the past few days. I feel like everything is on hold until I can see the RE and then I'm afraid it will take even longer to start the process once I see him. Then I'm afraid it won't work! I know I'm worrying too much but I can't help it. DH has such a positive att_tude about everything - he just says that he knows that it will work! I ask him how and he just says "I have faith". I wish I had the same amount of faith but I've been praying about this for so long that I am afraid that He has different plans for me. I hope that's not the case and I will keep praying about it but it's so hard to keep a positive att_tude when all the results have been negative so far. I sure hope someone gets a bfp soon so it will help renew my hope!


Kelly11 - July 24

Hey girls! Where is everybody at today? Good to hear from you Becca and Angela! Angela I'm liking your positivity this morning, we definitely need that because I have noticed a difference in everyone and it makes my heart just hurt for all of you. Becca, I don't want you to worry about your bfn today because if you are 10dpo today it could be just way to early for you to get a bfp! I know you read about a lot of early positives, but I think there are just as many not so early positives also! Angela I would definitely be on the phone with my doc and my first question would be why the heck am I not getting monitored...just be straight with them girl because that way you can get a straight answer! Well chicas, I hope it perks up for everybody and Tonia, where are you? We are thinking about you!!!



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