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Aim - January 20

Hi, AF is 1/26.. I'm playing the waiting game with the rest of you! UGH! In the meantime, normally I am very regular and only feel bloated the first day AF. My lmp was 12/27.. completely normal however this is the first month my hubby and I are ttc. We ttc on the most fertile days to my knowledge... since then I have been having cramps off and on (I never have have cramps!), have heavy thick creamy white discharge, br___t are sore, and I have been feeling sick off and on... none of this signs are normal for pmsing for me! As I never have symtoms after day 1 of AF.Are these signs? Could I be imagining this symtoms? lol I am not in a hurry to become pregnant, and actually very relaxed about it... it will happen when it is meant to be.... any opinions on the symtoms? Could I preggers? I plan on testing after AF is due if she doesnt show... Thanks!


Dawn - January 20

Hi Aim, I'm new to this forum-(what is AF) - i figured out the other common abreviations. My last pd began 12/27 and i'm waiting for my next due 1/1/24. This is my third month since I've been off the pill and this month seems to be 'normal' (4 week cycle). I heard that if you ttc for 10 days after the end of your last period every other day you will get pregnant. I'm crossing my fingers and toes. My bbt spiked one day last week and I felt sharp short pains which I read is a sign of ovulation. I'm crampy every day since last week and slight nautious in the night or first morn. No b___st soreness. yes thick white discharge which seems to be increasing. If I don't get my pd next week I promised my hubby to wait till the following Saturday when he return from a businsess trip to test....yikes if I can wait..i will.


kat - January 20

hi dawn,af is aunt flo,which is your period.good luck and hope af doesnt show for you!


Suzie - January 20

Aim, i just recently found out that i am pregnant, the first symptom that i had was sore nipples since ovulation and it continues to this day. And then..i started getting a thick white discharge all the way up till AF was supposed to start and continues. I got my BFP at 13 DPO. your symptoms sound very simular to mine. I hope this helps. Good luck with your BFP!! :)


dawn - January 20

I never would have guessed that!....thanks! (correction from my previous note that I am due 1/24/05). I just told 2 best friends today that my hubby and I are trying..they were two of my bridesmaids when I married last summer. They will be checking on me next week. Jan 6 I experienced a pain across my chest over my left side then my left arm felt tingly through the next day. Never happened before or since. I heard that you can feel sensations early in pregancy bec. of increased blood flow. Could this be a sensation related to pregnancy? It was in the middle of the first week after my last pd.


Aim - January 21

Hiladies, thanks for responding! Do I really have to wait a week after AF is due to take a hpt? What is the most sensitive test available? How early is too early? Thanks!



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