CM After Ovulaiton Please Help

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sue - July 12

Does anyone know what happens to your CM after ovulation? I am looking at around 3-5 days past ov. I would greatly appreciate any help.


bump - July 12



Paula - July 12

Hi Sue, well for me my cm is usually stick, thick and hold its shape after ov; however, this time it is thin, cloudy and very wet. Hoping it is a BFP tomorrow when I test. I am now 11 dpo. Hope it helps.


SUE - July 12

Not really sure, mine is almost like EWCM lots and lots of it, have had it now for over a week and I know I ov'd on either the 7th or 8th. And today it is almost runny, sorry for TMI but I am unsure whats going on here


sue - July 13

Anyone else?


jue - July 13

Hi sue, it could be that you might be pg, I had the same thing when I was about 4 dpo and I would keep going to the loo because I thought af had arrived early. my cm was almost like lotion in texture and stretchey but thinner than my normal ewcm. I would wait for another 5 days and try a hpt if that is neg then retest a week later. good luck


Grandpa Viv - July 13

A clear or creamy discharge is common in early pregnancy, commonly described on these pages as "lotion", "wet down there", or "running to the bathroom thinking AF was coming". Attributed in the literature to ' a cleansing action' of the v____a. Some women also report a gooey glob of discharge or stringy discharge which might separately be attributed to formation of the mucus plug. Good luck to you all.


sue - July 13

If my last Af was june 27-30 and I ov'd on either the 8/9 of july when would I be able to test? I tested 2 days ago but got a BFN


Paula - July 13

Hi Sue, I would estimate that if you ov on the 8th your are now 5 dpo and if you ov on the 9th then you are now 4 dpo. The earliest you can test will be around 10-14 dpo with a First Response Early Result test. You are still in the early dpo, when usually implantation could occur which is from 5-12 dpo. I hope that this helps. Fertility friend is very good with a___lysis of fertility info and giving you helpful tips. Sending baby dust your way. If you like to look at my chart, here's the link. You can see and compare from this month to last month.


sue - July 13

In that sense then that I would have not even experienced the implantation yet, so now this CM really makes no sense as wouldn't it even be too early for that?


Binx - July 13

I had creamy cm from that early on. Implantation can occur at 5dpo, so it is possible. Keep an eye on it. I also had mild cramping from 6 - 8 dpo which I think were implantation cramps. What I have heard though is that different women report different cm after ovulation so I don't think there is a definitive answer there. Sorry I couldn't be more help for you.


sue - July 13

Sorry if this sounds grosse but I am just so confussed as to whats going on here. I had so much CM today that now its even showing on my panties, and this never happens to me. I cant figure out how to get the link for my temp chart so I am going to list them here and hope someone can help me, I have only been charting for 11 days but was also using opk and cm signs: July 3 97.2 4- 97.3 5- 97.2 6- 97.1 7- 97.5 8- 97.5 ovulated 9- 97.7 10- 97.7 11- 97.4 12- 98.0 13- 98.2


sue - July 13



GY - July 14




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