CM After Unusual AF

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Ron - March 30

My cycles are between 27 and 33 days. This past cycle it happened to be 32. On day 1 I spotted once in the morning, then nothing til the evening, and even then, just spotting. I continued to spot on and off for 4 days---so light that I had only used a pantyliner, but sometimes it only showed on the tp after wiping. Then on the 5th day, I was spotting creamy brown. When I looked I had white creamy looking d/c but it was like flowing out (Sorry TMI). Isn't cm suppose to be dry after af is finished? Also, with this abundant white creamy d/c, I am now having what feels like af cramps. My spotting has stopped though. I had taken tests every day since before I started to spot, but negatives---and not sure but some very faint positives. Input Please???? I don't know what is going on...What do you think?


PS - April 3

Hi Ron, I had the same thing too. CM after my weird period, which I usually do not get until ovulation. Been having lower back pain,leg cramps and constipatting. I've started getting cold this morning. I'm testing tommorrow. Well, faint positive tells that you are pregnant. Test again to be sure. Good Luck!!


Rosiemeg - April 3

i'm in a similar situation. i had 24hrs of brown CM 9 days after my period(was later then usual, ovulated late). i thought possible implantion bleeding. it was followed by 4 days of cramps and lots of EWCM. now i'm getting nauseas and my mouth keeps getting watery. i'm also bloated/constipated and i my b___st have been tingling on/off. i tested 2 days ago and got a BFN. i'm going to test again mid week. give your self a few more days and test again to see if the faint positive gets darker. good luck!!


Emma2 - April 3

Hi Ron, Spotting the way you have is not your period. Your period should be a continual flow and has to involve some red blood to show that your lining is shedding fresh blood.



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