CM And Other Symptoms

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Bri - July 8

hey there. Well hopefully someone out there could tell me what you think. Here goes. I started my af on June 8th and it ended June 14th. Since then I've bd'd on June 14,17,18,21,22,23,25,27,28,29,30 and July 2,3,5,6 (can you tell im tryin' here???) Symptoms: About 2weeks ago I came down with a really bad cold (real runny nose, coughing up stuff), I also got a lower back ache (which is still sort of there), About 4-5 days ago I got lower ab cramping that felt a lot like period cramping. Also sometimes throughout the day my stomach gets that "gross" feeling (I don't really want to say it's nausea), and for the past week and a half or so i've had a lot of extra clear CM. sorry if this is TMI but today when I went to use the bathroom I had to wipe 3-4 times to get it all, it's that bad. Im getting a blood test done today (why not im in the military and it's free!! :o) ) So please wish me luck. If you can please respond and let me know what ya'll think. Baby dust! :o)


BLONDIE - July 8

I wish I could help you I myself and trying to find info on CM and positioning once conception has occurred but cant find anything


Bri - July 8

Blondie - well if you find anything out let me know... im SO CONFUSED.... let's see if anyone else replies to this question!!!! If I find anything out I will let you know as well. When if your AF Due?


blondie - July 8

AF is due somewhere around the 22-23 was 6 days early last month so not too sure, last month was 6 days early but until then had been on a regular 28day cycle for years.


Grandpa Viv - July 8

Wow, military life must be less regimented than I had imagined. With that exposure and those early signs I'll put my money on your blood test coming back positive. Good luck!


bump - July 11



GRANDPA VIV!!! - July 11

Grandpa VIV - I can't believe it....the test came back BFN!!! Could I still be prego?? When do you think that I should get another blood test done?? I can't get them whenever I want to.....HELP!!!!!


Brianna - July 11

Im sorry I meant to say that I CAN get them whenever I want.



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