CM Before AF

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caz - March 8

Should you dry up right before your period? I'm hoping to be pg (AF due 10th-ish) and still have cm - just wondered if this was a + sign or not? Anyone know? Thanks!


La Rae - March 8 CAN and it CAN'T be a good sign. Usually, a woman is dry after O and up until af and even a little bit afterwards before the O process starts all over again. But from my personal experience? CM from O to af has happened to - who really knows? I know that I have read other posts from women who turned out to be pg - and they stated that their cm never went away. Some would say theirs was clear, like O discharge - others described theirs as slightly milky, not thick, but not thin either. I hope this helps - but honestly? Your best bet is to sit down, hang on and enjoy the ride! The waiting game sucks! But it's easier to contend with if you have other women to wait it out with you. I wish you luck if you are ttc. Please keep us posted. you have any other indications that you might be pg? Anything out of the norm that doesn't usually happen to you before af is due? Again - I wish you the best of luck!


Kristina - March 8

Caz - I am having the same thing and due around the 10th - 12th, too! I haven't been "wet," but I have not been dry at all. A few days last week I had some major CM, very similar to ovualtion CM. The last couple of days it has been here, but seen it more in my panties. (Gross....sorry) Are you having any AF or pregnancy symptoms?


caz - March 8

Thanks so much for the response girls. I have been dog tired this past week with 2 days being TOTALLY emotional; tender bbs (at sides) since yesterday and tingly abdominal cramps on the left side going down to the top of my leg. Also my hip is sore(?) I know these could all be signs of pms (I don't usually have obvious symptoms) but the one thing that is weird is that my mouth has been really watering this week! I know it sounds funny, but I actually thought the other day - what's going on here, I have to constantly swallow!? I read it could be a good sign so now I'm praying I'm pg? x



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