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beth - May 23

i am due anyday now for af-. i often feel a wetness in my panties for the past week. i go to check sometimes it is wet and when i do a finger check it is white lotiony like cooked smashed egg whites. (sorry for the icky description) is that discharge due to af that is to come or maybe cm discharge. if i dont get my period untill the end of may when should i start testing ?


to beth - May 23

you can start testing as soon as you miss a period, or the same day if you want. i wish that i had an answer about the cm. i am having the same thing, and unsure what that means also. good luck to you and baby dust! fingers are crossed for that BFP!


karen - May 23

my cm is also pasty white---creamish ---i too am waiting for af---i am ttc---could i be....pregnant???? anyone that has been pregnant ---what is cm like in the beginning stage ???? like when you just find out that you are bfp !!!!!!!!???????


Miserable!!! - May 23

I'd like to know the answer to that one myself. As of yesterday (roughly 9 dpo) I have been experiencing LOTS of creamy, white, lotiony cm (EXACTLY the same as Beth described). It seems to be on the increase, but at the moment I can only get it if I put my finger up there or use a tissue. In the meantime, I 'feel' wet down there and am constantly checking to see if I started af or if I wet my panties. I have other symptoms too (extreme constipation, bloatedness in tummy, slightly achy b___bs, nausea (sometimes extreme, happens mostly at night). My temp is up too, but I am not charting my bbt so I am not putting too much into that one. I feel nauseated when I'm hungry and even more-so after I eat something. I am not craving anything - in fact, it's the opposite. Nothing appeals to me as far as what I want to eat, I have to force myself to eat something. Anybody else have these other symptoms besides the discharge?


Stephanie - May 23

I am due for af either today or 24th. I have no signs of her coming and I have a bit of lotiony CM. My b___bs are only sightly sore, around the sides mostly, with bright blue veins running down both of them but more significantly on the right, even two veins through the areaolas. I took a HPT this morning and got a BFN, but when I was getting ready this morning, I felt like I was going to throw up. It only lasted for a few minutes and then went away. The same thing happened when I was walking from my car to the office. I think that I may not be producing enough hcg and I am going to retest on 6-1, if nasty ole' af has not came to visit. Luck to all!!!


hc - May 23

hi, I had exactly the same thing happen 6 days before my af (af due today or tomorrow). the discharged decreased and is now like milky lotion - i also feel wet. On Saturday i had a severe craving for ribs! I haven't had ribs in about 8 years!!! I have had cramps on and off for two weeks. I have slight cramps now which feel alittle different from af cramps. Good luck to all of you - I hope someone can let us all know what the cm is!!!


kate - May 23

to all the newly dicovered pregnant woman ---what was your cm like before you dicovered that you are pregnant ? i was dry after ovulation --now i am wet again---white pasty lotiony...but only if i door a finger check-but i often feel wet.


to gals - May 23

I am not currently pregnant, but have been twice. CM was different with each pregnancy. One time, wet and then dry. One time dry the whole time until bfp. I would not put too much stock in it, as it is not a good indiator of much after ovulation!!!


Jen - May 23

Hi-just found out that I am pregnat and my cm has turned a lotiony texture-it does feel like af is coming at any minute!! So, if you get a - now, don't worry, if af doesn't come your probably pregnant!


hc - May 23

congrats to you Jen!!! Did you by any chance have the "smashed egg whites" that Beth so well described, before you had the lotiony cm? I have the same thing, and was wondering if that could be some sign....congrats again Jen!


b - May 24



JN - May 24

Beth when was AF due?


beth - May 24

to JN--my af is due on the 26...should i test now or wait ?


ayem - June 15

I am going through the same thing...feel as if AF has come (it is due today) and have the cramps, but its lotiony cm (moreso than during the cycle). I am TTC...?? Will let you know


Nickelye - June 28

Okay girls... This is it... I'm experiencing that same symptom, white lotiony - cm, and viens on my chest and bbs... Any of you get BFP???


dumbdididumb - June 28

hey sorry to jump in on ya;ll but im having the same Cm problem..i am 3 days late.. my bbs are really really sore im starting to see my veins a lil more than usual... i also feel wet down there but its weid i dont mean to sound gross but like 1 hour is dry.. then like 3 hours later im really wet.. then its dry.. i don't know if that means any thing.. baby dust to every one!


Lin - June 28

I highly doubt that any of these ladies are still on the forum over a year later. As for the "lotiony" cm, I really think that symptom is highly dependent on the interpretation of the individual. My cm gets whiter, thicker and more abundant after ovulation every month, and some women might interpret that as "lotiony," so it may be a symptom, it may not be. I've seen hundreds of women report it on this site over the last 9 months who were not pregnant, so I don't really have much faith in it anymore as a pregnancy symptom. It's as though so many eager women hear about it as a symptom and then pay more attention to their normal cm, deeming it "lotiony" in all the excitement of ttc. The same goes with veiny b___bs. The veins in my b___bs always get slightly more pronounced after ovulation, so it's hard to tell how significant that is. Anyway, wetness is a good sign, but I certainly wouldn't call it a definitive one.



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