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Lin - June 28

I highly doubt that any of these ladies are still on the forum over a year later. As for the "lotiony" cm, I really think that symptom is highly dependent on the interpretation of the individual. My cm gets whiter, thicker and more abundant after ovulation every month, and some women might interpret that as "lotiony," so it may be a symptom, it may not be. I've seen hundreds of women report it on this site over the last 9 months who were not pregnant, so I don't really have much faith in it anymore as a pregnancy symptom. It's as though so many eager women hear about it as a symptom and then pay more attention to their normal cm, deeming it "lotiony" in all the excitement of ttc. The same goes with veiny b___bs. The veins in my b___bs always get slightly more pronounced after ovulation, so it's hard to tell how significant that is. Anyway, wetness is a good sign, but I certainly wouldn't call it a definitive one.


dceeewperry - January 15

hi there, mine always turned lotiony when i was pg. sorry but about to give tmi. then at times it would be thick and sticky to the point it would stick to my underwear and any hair down there. also with the veins thing u may just notice them after heavy exersize or just paler than usual. mine always show up real dark in the palms of my hands when im pg. good luck


kveltri - May 2

I am TTC, on CD50! and 35DPO. I have gotten 4 BFNs but I have consistent lotiony CM as well as swolled b___bs and no sign of AF. Idk how long to wait to go to my Dr to see whats up =/ Anyone else had to wait this long to get confirmation of pregnancy? Or anyone turn out to be preggo but never get a BFP HPT?


Grandpa Viv - May 2

The doc will be happy you called if you have missed a second period, regardless of the cause. It seems like 95% of pregnancies give a positive hpt when 2 weeks late, but every now and again we hear of one that goes even longer. Do you have any of the other signs like fatigue, lightheaded moments, veins, appet_te, smells, dreams, backache, hot flashes etc?


waitingforamiracle - May 5

Hello all I am having the same thing...I am 5 days late..I had a positive read on an ovulation test april 17th...period was due may 1st..severs b___st tenderness...and some discharge makes me feel like I'm going to get af..but like u all said it is really only when I wipe or insert a finger..cld I be pregnant?


Herestohoping - October 18

I am 12 dpo today and all bfns so far. Af is due to show in 2 days max! My cycles are usually between 23 days to an occasional 26 day cycle. I've had mild cramping and pulling in my uterus area since 4dpo. Ive also been very fatigued! My bbt has stayed elevated in the 98 degree section and has been rising slightly the past two days. My cm was thick and white for about 4 days but today it's been like ewcm. My cervix feels kind of low though but definitely closed. Am I out this month or does it sound like I still have a chance? 


Grandpa Viv - October 19

I like the weird cramps and fatigue. A couple more home tests are justified at intervals of several days. Best of luck!



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