Cm Before Ovulation

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mira - July 4

hi ladies.. this is kinda an ignorant question but im new at this! i just got off the pill last month & based on my last period i should be ovulating from around the 5th (tomorrow!!). BUT the thing is.. i havent noticed any change in my cm yet - when is that supposed to happen? shouldnt that be a sign that im ovulating? and if so, would it just change suddenly tomorrow? like i said, im new at this - sorry!!! any help will be appreciated :)


Emma2 - July 4

Yeah you should have had some wet cm or slippery by now but keep in mind some women never get it at all. Im 20 weeks pregnant and concieved without any cm whatsoever. I searched for it inside and I didnt have much.


Emma2 - July 4

Ok I mean I had some creamy but it was not in anyway fertile looking....


mira - July 5

thanks emma! since ive never ttc before, i never really noticed this stuff! but anyways it decided to make an appearance today. woohoo gon get busy tonight lol


soimpatient - July 5

Also keep in mind that for some ladies it takes several months off of BCP before they start ovulating. Maybe you should consider Temping to get an idea if you are ovulating. Check out and there is some info on BBT.


mira - July 9

thanks so impatient, ive been thinking about that too .. i guess i'll just watch for signs for a few months & see whats going on. :)


LadyD - July 10

Does anyone know what yellowish color in cm is? And if it's in your undies & sticky, could it be due to ovulation? I'm ruling out infection b/c I had a blood test done & I had a yeast infection that has been taken care of already, so it can't be that. Anyone??


Tonibug - July 10

I had that ewcm 9 days after my period but from what I have been reading from ovulation calendar .net it gives me July 7 - 12 with July 11 being my most fertile day Have I missed ovulation? Or is the ewcm just a sign that I will ovulate shortly after that within the next couple of days?



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