Cm Check Anyone Had This Wierd PLEASE HELP

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Carrie - May 13

I'm a few days past ovulation and today I did a cm check and from the outside I'm a little wet, but when I put my finger inside it was kind of sticky and lots of white chunks. It was really wierd and gross. I don't think I have a yeast infection or anything. What is this? Has anyone ever had anything like this before? Please help, I've never seen this stuff before.


Stacy - May 13

Not sure!!


Carrie - May 13

Anyone else, Please!!!!


Cutie - May 13

Carrie, I am not sure what could it be, dont know a lot about cm my self... God bless sweety.


to carrie - May 13

it's pretty puzzling sometimes where after the ovulation, u experience cm ie supposedly the 'signalling ovu'. r u on the ovu kit tellin u tat u had ovulated? if so, don worry - as long as it does not itch or smell, it shd b alright. take care.


Grandpa Viv - May 13

There should not be much to see or feel just a few days past O. Implantation does not kick in until a week after. The "wet" discharge in eary preg is from the walls of the v____a. Maybe inside things dry up some, idk. White chunks suggest yeast which is always present, but chemistry changes in early preg may allow a flare-up. Some women speak of a "glob" of discharge early on, which may relate to formation of the mucus plug.


Carrie - May 13

Granpa vi- I had a major amount of of cm mucus about 4-5 days ago couldn't believe how much was there- maybe it's possible that I ovulated earlier than I thought, I do have irregular periods. I though that to be ovulation, but maybe it wasn't. This is just so wierd, it's doesn't have much smell at all and I feel no discomfort what so ever to lead to believe that I may be getting some kind of infection. I don't know, I'll guess I'll just have to wait and see, if anyone else have experienced this or has any insight, please let me know. Thank you all!


Carrie - May 13

I just wanted to say that I have not expeienced any kind of dryness at all this month. That is awkward for me. Usually I experience about a week or so of it. Could my hormones just be off or something?


bump - May 15




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