Cm Finger Test 3 Dpo And White Now

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jb - January 9

what should cm look like 3dpo? it was slippery and today it is thicker and white in color. is that a good sign? what does cm due if not preg and when should it go back to normal if not preg? or if pregnant how long would it stay like this?


tressa - January 9

i also had the same thing and i am now 5weeks preg. usually cm goes back to normal right after o so yes you hae a good sign but grandpa viv or kat could probably tell you more.


Grandpa Viv - January 9

We're really pushing th envelope looking for signs 3 dpo. Ovulation CM (raw egg-white) starts days before ovulation and dries up shortly after. Early pregnancy mucus (not for everyone) is described as clear or creamy. For some it is present before the missed period, and as such is a good sign as it is not characteristic of normal menstruation. The literature says that signs do not start until implantation 7 to 10 dpo. That would include pregnancy mucus. We know from posts that some experience signs 4 or 5 dpo, but I do not recall mucus being one of the real early ones. Maybe this post will tell us that a seemingly gradual transition is possible. Keep this thread going, jb.


jb - January 9

it is still a little clear but has small white smell and not itchy. i have never had this before. hoping its a good sign !!!


jb - January 9

thanks grandpa viv dont know what i would do with out you !!!


kat - January 9

sorry jb couldnt be of any help on that one! i dont actually know that much,im just picking a few things up from grampa viv along the way-lol!


jb - January 9

i just know it is different than it ever has been, i have never had that much ewcm and after o i usually dry right up, and never seen white chunky cm. so i know its too early but i like to keep everyone posted in case i am pregnant, we could use this for a very early sign. thanks again for answering me. i will def. keep you posted day by day (i will probably drive everyone nuts) if and when any symptoms arrise.


kat - January 9

good luck jb!


suzie - January 9

jb, i am 5 DPO and have noticed the same thing! :) my CP is high...nipples are sore...and im slightly crampy. fingers crossed!


doyou - January 9

here i go again. i tried to check my cervical position and it is way, way up. what does that mean.


do you - January 9

i am preg. and had chunky white cmup near cervix .didnt see it on toilet paper but when i checked the position of it.and i was told that cervix stays low if pregnant but mine was low until 5dpo and went high. so i hope these words are encouraging. maybe you shouldnt keep checking your cervix in case your pregnant., but i dont know


jb - January 9

suzie when is AF due for you? maybe we can be cycle buddies !!!! keep in touch with me


K - January 9

Check out the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. It goes into detail about cervical mucus (complete with pictures) and will help you a___lyze your own. It's a wonderful book in general when trying to get pregnant, and I find the answers to most of my questions in there.


suzie - January 10

OMG!!! the wait is killing me!! i am due for AF around the 18th or so. i guess i can now add stuffy nose to the list of symptoms. how are you doing jb??



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