CM Gt Gt Gt Gt Gt What Is The Deal With This

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AllyR - April 14

Ok. I had started a previous thread about having room on my boat if you would like to hop on. To make a long story short, been ttc for so long that I can't even tell you. Stopped with drugs and stressing and I am feeling pretty good this month. My last period was on the 21st of March. I should have O'd on the 4th. However, since then I have had constant CM. I never have had this much and in fact I have never noticed having it this close to AF. i am so sleepy that I could sleep all day. My bb's are really sore, I am even sore like under my arms and chest area. Lite stomach cramps. My appet_te has really changed. I am so thirsty all the time. I feel like I am always wet down there and I pee constantly. I am having lite headaches, which isn't really that out of the ordinary. I am just confused about this CM stuff... Thanks for any input. I really appreciate it..


Lin - April 14

How much is a lot? Are you having to use panty liners, or is it just there every time you wipe? I personally always have a lot more cm in the latter half of my cycle. Lots of women report copious cm when they're pregnant, but I've also seen a lot report nothing different. The sleepiness, sore b___bs, and frequent peeing are promising. Good luck!


AllyR - April 14

Well there are days that I use a panty liner, mostly because I feel like I am wetting myself. However, other times, it is just when I wipe. I just feel so wet. I'm really not stupid, but can you describe the copious cm?


Lala - April 14

Hey, AllyR sounds promising! So are you 10dpo now? when do you plan on testing? best to you!


AllyR - April 14

I don't know when to test. I get so disappointed that I think I will wait until af is late. I am trying to stay very positive. I do feel differently this time. My dh is out of town on a golfing trip. I would love to have some great news to tell him when he gets home. The other thing that I didn't mention was that my face and back are breaking out alot, which isn't a usual occurrance either. What do you think?


Lin - April 14

Sorry, AllyR, I've never had the copious cm myself, so I can't really describe it. A lot of people talk about feeling like af is going to start only to go to the toilet to find that it's abundant cm. Try using the search box at the top of the page.


Becca - April 15

Ally, I'm in the same boat with cm. It is like thick gloppy stuff, somewhat opaque, and so much I need a pantiliner. I am 5 dpo today, so I still have a ways to go before I can find anything out. This is also my first month on Clomid, and it has really changed my cycle, so I don't know if it is just because of the Clomid, or if it is a sign of pregnancy. I'm hoping for the latter. hehe!! Good luck, and lots of baby dust to you!


AllyR - April 15

Hi Becca. Thanks for responding. Yeah, it seems that the longer I am on my feet the more of it I have. I just feel wet all the time. I am now 11DPO. I am really hoping this is it. I was actually due to have a hysterectomy in January but I have been feeling so good that I didn't go thru with it. We tried the clomid for a few months and I just couldn't stay on it. I hope that it works for you. I do ovulate regularly now after being off of it, so thank god for that. I will say a little prayer for you and God Bless!


Grandpa Viv - April 15

The most frequent posts we see are "lotion discharge", "wet down there" and "running to the bathroom thinking AF..." The part about starting on O day is confusing, since in theory the bod does not know about pregnancy until implantation. Sometimes I think that the follicle gets a clue something is happening, and puts out extra progesterone to help things along. Your signs are promising. You def are having a hormone surge. Let's hope it is from incipient pregnancy. Good luck!


AllyR - April 15

Thanks for your reply Grandpa. Are most women dry before their cycles? I thought that I usually was, I have just never noticed anything like this before. Thanks again for your help!


AllyR - April 16



Becca - April 16

Ally, I've also heard that many women feel "wet" when they are pg. I was starting to get my hopes up but, over the past 24 hours I've dried up a bit, so I'm not really sure now. It could just be another side effect of the Clomid. I had this really vivid dream last night that I was pg and I woke up early in the morning and had to pee really bad and I seriously thought that I was pregnant. It wasn't until I woke up at 8 am that I realized it was a dream. How depressing. I'm 6 dpo, so still a long way to go....


AllyR - April 16

Becca- Don't give up yet. Trust me... I am feeling really positive and I told you that I would say a prayer for you, which I did. I am now 12 DPO but I don't want to test yet. My MC isn't getting really bad now unless I am on my feet alot adn it seems to happen more at nite.. Please dont give up yet.


Becca - April 17

Thanks for saying a prayer for me, Ally. I'll do the same for you. I woke up this morning and it looks like all the "wetness" is back. I'm not sure why it stopped for a day. (Maybe it wanted to spend Easter with it's family - lol!) Anyway, I'm not really sure what to think. I guess I just have to wait. When are you going to test? I've been having really crazy dreams since O, and I have been waking up early hand having to pee really bad. But, since I don't know how the Clomid effects my body, I'm trying not to read into anything. One week until I'll know.


AllyR - April 17

Becca- During the nite last nite, I got up to blood. I thought that maybe it was just spotting, which I pray it is. I'm not cramping at all and I don't really have any in my panties, it is just when I wipe. We'll see I guess.


Amber #2 - April 17

Not to discourage you on the CM, but during my cycle I get the most wet right before AF is due. And when I say wet, I mean EXTREMELY wet. I had never noticed it until I started ttc a few months ago because I never paid attention to all of the changes with my CM and how they related to my CD. Now, it's always hard for me right before AF comes because I know the wetness is a sign of AF for my body, but I also know that a lot of women have it as a sign of pregnancy. I hope for you that it is a sign of pregnancy and your body doesn't produce it every cycle like mine! Good luck and keep us posted!



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