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RavenRose - November 1

OK, forewarned is forearmed. This is going to be full of TMI's. Ok, this is really weird, and I'm wondering if something else is going on. You ladies seem like the best place for me to start with asking this question as I have no insurance for another 2 weeks. (Yes, I'm going then, but I can't afford to yet.) Whenever I have s_x, my boyfriend always notices a very thick white discharge. He describes it as exactly like if you were to put hand lotion on your hands, before you rub it in. White, thick creamy. It has no odor, and I'm not itchy, red, sore, anything like that. I've gotten yeast infections before, and figured it was just a weird case where I didn't itch. Treated it OTC, and the lotion discharge is still there. I've thought it was the lube we use, it's Wal-Mart's generic. That's the only thing different from any other of my boyfriends (different brand). Could that be it? I've heard that lotion discharge is a symptom of pregnancy, but I've never been under the impression that it literally looked like lotion, always thought it meant it was just a little thicker than normal. Am I mistaken in that? Could this be a pregnancy symptom? (Not on birth control, he never comes in me without a condom, although we have had s_x without a condom, he pulls out.) I have tested, and it was negative. What else could it be? Have treated for a yeast infection, and tested for pregnancy. Any other things I should look in to? Thanks in advance for all your help, I greatly appreciate it. ~Jayne


RavenRose - November 1

(Sorry that was so long, looked better with paragraph formatting.)


Grandpa Viv - November 1

Are you late? Do you have any other signs? Usually the pg lotion discharge is described by the woman as "wet down there", "running to the bathroom thinking AF is coming". Your pull-out s_x will get you pregnant in the long run, unless perhaps you are only doing it when outside the fertile window. Good luck!


RavenRose - November 2

I haven't had an actual period since August 7th, but I was spotting the first week of October (not sure if that would count as a period or not). I usually wear pantyliners every day, as it does tend to feel wetter if I don't (and I hate that feeling). But that could just be my imagination. Although I have had a few instances at work where I could have sworn I was starting my period, only to find out I wasn't.



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