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hotmama - January 25

What is the difference in CM when you are ovulating and when you are pregnant?


jessicaspatherapist - January 25

there is no distinct difference...i've had eggwhite cm while pregnant, however i've mostly had creamy white discharge...sometimes even yellow now that i'm in my second trimester...generally there is just more discharge while pregnant. but it is not an indicator of being pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - January 25

The timing would be one thing to look for. EWCM (raw egg whites, that is) comes in the days leading up to ovulation. It is supposed to be distinctive in that it can be stretched an inch or two between thumb and forefinger. Lotion discharge when you are usually dry in the days before AF is one of many possible suggestions of pregnancy. Good luck!


hotmama - January 26

Well my last period was december 20th and me and my husband have been trying like crazy. But i've been a little irregular so i don't know when i was ovulating. All i know is that the last few days i've been having quite a bit of discharge. It's clear and a little stretchy i guess. But it seems way too off for ovulation so i don't know.


hotmama - January 26

Anyone have anymore suggestions or know what might be going on?? Please...


Cerendipy - January 26

You could have ovulated late...not uncommon. Many women's cycles are affected by stress and other things.


Cerendipy - January 26

Keep BDing just in case!


hotmama - January 28

we are BDing everyday...and we have been for a while! I'm wanting to take a test cuz it has been 39 days today since my last AF...but my husband wants me to wait longer (he figures the longer i wait..the more likely it's a BFP). He and i are both afraid to get a negative! So should i take the test yet anyway?


hotmama - January 30

i still haven't taken my test...i'm soo nervous to. What does everyone think...should i take one yet?? Or is it too early??



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