CM Question TMI I Am Sure

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lastchance - January 28

I know that on your chart you are always supposed to put the most fertile CM that you find... but I am not sure what to call this ... I am so sorry that I have to describe it to you... it was white and thick... kinda boogery.... There were 2 globs that were about the size of pencil erasers... and they stretched about a half inch... maybe a little more... also AF is due today... so... yeah... just curious... they were almost white, but kinda clear... like really thick EWCM... I guess... I am not sure, even, how to really describe it... AF is due today!!! (I have been having some cramping....) How many pregnant women experienced this and.or AF like crams?


jezebel1018 - January 28

you can get ewcm just before af arrives, i frequently do.


lastchance - January 28



Ice - February 28

I've been getting the same thing it looks like silicone or gellitin but idon't know if im pregnant


Marie00 - February 28

Some women say that they have cm similar to that when they are pg and others say at o so its hard to say but i have had cramping the past few days also but normally i do not have much cramping with af so...I just wish that everyone had the same symptoms and they were different than af symptoms! That would make life easier! Good luck let us know.


Nonblondmom - February 29

AF cramps for all my pregnancies. I have 3 children and always had tampons in hand cuz it felt just like AF....but turned out I was preggo. You will definately have more discharge if you are pregnant, it can be in many different forms. Just as long as you arent having bleeding with the discharge. Remember, if AF doesnt arrive take a HPT. Good luck!


BeckyBunny - March 1

I HAD THAT!!! LOL! I was like, wtf, I have boogers coming out of my v____a, what is this? and a couple days later I got my I'm 8 weeks pregnant. 'course, that's just might not be the same for you...but v____al boogers and light cramps sound like good symptoms to me. The booger CM is DEFINITELY different than EWCM. It has a much thicker consistency. It's kinda weird. Good luck!!!


Teddyfinch - March 1

hey ladies, i don't mean to intrude, but i have a question. i went in for my ultrasound today to make sure everything was shrinking back down and getting ready for af. well it hadn't. i had an 11mm follicle which was pretty nice but a no go. then they found a 32mm follicle. that's right 32mm!! and also they found an 18mm one on the left side, so i'm over the moon that clomid worked this cycle. a little too well almost. i only had 1 ma__sive follicle, though, so they weren't concerned. so i got my shot in the b___t. not fun lol. so i waited all day and bought a pregnancy test from dollar tree. (i know i'm lame lol. just wanted to know what it's supposed to look like) so i took the test and it was a faint positive, but darker than last month's. that was kinda fun =P i won't be upset though if we don't get pg from this cycle because i knew the positive was caused by the shot. but i did take an ovulation test and both lines were almost the same darkness. not quite so i imagine tomorrow will be it. **now is the shot supposed to work that fast? or was i about to ovulate on my own?** i'm having a lot of pain in my right side which scares me cuz i have my whopper follicle on that side. and would the shot alter the opk test? or no because it's just hcg? help!! lol


Teddyfinch - March 1

oh and i get the thicker stretchy cm right before af also.



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